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What if The Lost Levels had been Mario 2 in the US?


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Jul 21, 2004
As we all (probably) know by now, SMB: The Lost Levels is actually what Super Mario Bros. 2 was in Japan, and we got Doki Doki Panic with Mario characters. But what if the original SMB2 - released in Japan - had been released here instead? Do you think the reception would have been better, or worse? Do you think Nintendo's reason for not releasing it here, that it was too difficult for US gamers, would have been true at the time? Would you miss the US SMB2 that we got?

I personally would have like the Japanese SMB2 better, even if I had played it way back when. I like the US SMB2, but anything that plays just like the first SMB would have caught my attention much quicker, and kept it longer.