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Twilight Princess - the last Zelda game "as we know it"


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Jul 21, 2004
Before Twilight Princess was released, the creators of the series were telling gaming press that Twilight Princess would be the last Zelda game "in the form that we now know it" or something to that effect. The next game to come out after that was The Phantom Hourglass, which featured touch-screen controls and the Wind Waker-style graphics, meaning it was a slight change to the Zelda formula, but nothing major. What do you think they meant by what they said? What do you think is in store for new Zelda games? Do you think a new approach to the games will help breathe fresh air into the series or hurt it?

I'm having trouble forming a real opinion on the matter, all I can say is I'm intrigued as to how they'll go about developing the next Zelda game.


Chaos Lord
Nov 9, 2007
maybe theyre going to go back into Zelda II style, y'know, lvling up and whatnot. As far as im concerned if they make zelda more fight, and less puzzle like that again it may as well be as they say. Then again, puzzles just keep getting easier these days, to some this may be a good approach

Elle Lawliet

Elle Oh Elle
May 2, 2008
I'm sure they won't do anything drastic. They aren't stupid enough to completely change the format of one of the best selling game franchises of all time just because they feel like it
May 12, 2008
i think they were talking about a more rpg type of zelda.the kind where link would have multiple swords just not the usual two or three.maybe a leveling up system and just giving the game a more epic feel.

The Bill

tf2 is a good game
Oct 29, 2004
They just mean that the future Zeldas are not going to be 'collect 3 of this item fight a boss and then go collect a load of something else and go through a big dungeon to fight the final boss'.