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The Offical Culinary 101 Rules

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The Liztress

Poison Pink
Oct 17, 2007
Alrighty guys, we now have a Culinary Apartment. This is a place to share those killer recipes you got and discuss which restaurants are the best in your opinion and which should be avoided. But first, I want to make clear some ground rules for here.

1. Please don't spam here. If it isn't food-related, why post here? I will allow a little bit of spam on here because I know it's going to happen but any excessive amount is not permitted.

2. Flaming of any sorts isn't allowed unless you are flaming a restuarant. In other words, you can say Pizza Hut sucks but please refrain from saying another member on here does.

3. Also, I should add that the basic forum rules do apply here as well.

Well, those are the two main rules I have for now. Others will be added as time goes on. Please enjoy!
Not open for further replies.