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Super Mario Galaxy


Well-Known Member
Jul 21, 2004
Anyone else playing, and loving, this bit of genius? I'm at the last battle with Bowser and I must say it's been one hell of a ride. It's like Super Mario 64 2001: A Space Odyssey on steroids and LSD at the same time. :D It's definately the Mario title fans have been waiting for since Super Mario 64, and it sure didn't let me down in any aspects. Discuss teh awsomeness hither if'n ya please.

Elle Lawliet

Elle Oh Elle
May 2, 2008
I played it and watch my friend play it today. It's...interesting. I could never see myself dedicating real time to it though.

The new princess is a babe, though.

Overdose Delusion

So strange what love does.
Sep 1, 2007
I received this game as a Christmas present and beat it a while back. Great game, possibly my favorite on the Wii. I had hours of fun with it; the new levels were very imaginative, awesome and tons of fun to explore, with the Toy Time Galaxy being my personal favorite, the graphics were very vivid, colorful and attractive, lots of neat new gameplay innovations such as the Prankster Comets, just all in all a very entertaining, well-made and addictive game and a blast to play. I also loved the whole cheerful and lighthearted mood of the game, made me feel like I was a kid all over again. I really have no complaints about it, it's just a great game especially if you're a Mario fan and loved playing them growing up like I did.