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  1. Reius King of Lions

    Now, since this is my blog, you can be a little more detailed if you want, just as long as you're mature about it.

    That being said, erections are a pain. And to add to that, they tend to come of their own will, and at times that couldn't be any more inappropriate. You don't want a dick. Then again, I wouldn't want a vagina either. I much prefer the sexless freak, but, you do what you can.
  2. Tatsu Dragoniac

    Vaginas are also not that easy. Of course as a woman you don't have the surprise erection problem. But they also got itchy and sweaty (the outher part I mean of course).
  3. I heard periods where rather dirty. :(
  4. Miso Sheriff

    They are :(
  5. Kyuuketsuki C-c-c-c-combo breaker!

    Im straight. I beleive being a girl would be harder than being a boy. Weights on your chest, periods, and the ability to carry a baby. Im sticking with testes and penis. :-*
  6. Reius King of Lions

    I'd vote for nothing, though. I wonder if surgery can make you genderless.
  7. Lupinexus New Member

    *Must be an insane motherfucker*
  8. William Guest

    I like erections too...

    ...but sometimes they get TOO hard, or last for hours, which tends to get quite painful...
  9. Lupinexus New Member

    Hm... I never have that problem, and I can usually prevent myself from developing one at a particularly inappropriate time, too. I realise that not everyone has that ability, though.

    I also don't think there is any such thing as too hard.
  10. Vampiro V. Empire ist Krieg

    There is. If you get too aroused it can become "too hard". But not to the point where it actually hurts, I think.

    Yeah, I was only able to do that when I hit eighteen. Would have come in handy when I was in highschool.
  11. Lupinexus New Member

    Too hard for what, exactly?
  12. Kyuuketsuki C-c-c-c-combo breaker!

    Bah. Erections are a pain. But it still beats periods. >:E
  13. William Guest

    Actually, it's a condition that makes that happen. Something about blood trapped in the penis. I can't remember where I read it, but it happens occassionally, and in order to fix it, the doctors have to slice open your penis and let the blood drain out, because there's an excess trapped there. I'm not sure if I have this condition, but it DOES hurt like hell sometimes.
  14. Reius King of Lions

    Oh my. I thought you were talking about spontaneous erections there, becuase I don't think that they would be a condition in which the docotor would have to slice open your penis. But now I realize you're talking about something else.

    Anyway, I've never had an erection that hurts, or one that lasts more than five minutes, though I do tend to get them frequently. Probably more than the average, at that. Oh well, though. I'm hoping that when I hit thirty I can't get erect.
  15. Angelwing Sine dubio, instantatum

    I'm straight, as far as I know.

    I used to want to be male when I was younger, but I don't think I would now. Minus the period, I enjoy being female.
  16. Reius King of Lions

    I like're straight as far as you know...that's a leave-you-guessing kind of statement right there.
  17. Vampiro V. Empire ist Krieg

    I don't mean that way, I mean just more hard than usual.
  18. Reius King of Lions

    The penis? Yes, I hate tp experience incredibly hard erections...especially at an extremely inconvenient time. Damn clothing for providing undesired stimulation...that's why we should all be nudists.
  19. boomstick ....Naked

    Straight female, I've been in a relationship for about a year now, it's really been going good and he may actually be 'the one' if I decide to get married, which I never really had before. Sry, hope I didn't go off topic with that or anything.

    I've never had any desire to actually be a guy, I'd actually never thought of it before, minus the periods I rather enjoy being female.

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