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Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles

Darth Arkas

Jul 24, 2004
Best arcade style shooter evar. I mean holy shit. The graphics are quite pretty, the gameplay is definite win, and the game just freakin' rocks. A weapons upgrade system is in place, and uses several of the guns found in RE4. Ammo for your standard pistol is unlimited, just got reload times to worry about. The rest of the guns you pick up or unlock and then collect ammo for in order to use. Everything you get can be upgraded by getting good ranks after beating each mission. This is just plain awesome shit. I've never had so much fun blasting zombies, not since House of the Dead 3 for Xbox, and this is at least twice as good, w/ multiple paths to take through each mission, varying boss fights, and other fun stuff.
Critical headshots are still in from RE4, but are now harder to hit due to the Wiimote and eratically moving zombie heads. The target area is now the forehead, and is a relatively small space most of the time. You're not guaranteed a head asplode every time, but when you do critical, it is DAMN satisfying.
Moar satisfying yet is the dodge system, using similar moves/button presses as RE4 for Wii. You won't necessarily get the oppurtunity to counterattack every attack that zombies that get too close for comfort make, but it is oh so wonderful to shank the living daylights out of them when they do grab you.
Most, if not all dodges/counters are much harder than RE4, so your reflexes MUST be top notch if you expect to survive. There's also a lot moar of the instant death dodges too. Lith and I spent quite some time today trying to not get run over by this damn truck that kept killing me. Probably a good 10-15 min of my life wasted, on a freakin' truck. Meh.

I had my doubts for awhile, but this is a good way to spend your time, and improve your reflexes, in anticipatin for RE5 if you're a fan of either the series or light gun shooters. Not worth buying the Wii necesscarily, but a must have if you do get one or own one.


May 12, 2008
It's epic. FUCKIN EPIC! I beat it once already, and I wasn't dissapointed ever during the game. *Spoilars*

The 2 Ivans fight was epic. Wesker has matrix-like powers! <3

Overdose Delusion

So strange what love does.
Sep 1, 2007
I received this game as a Christmas present, although I never finished it. I enjoyed what I did play though, especially considering I'm a big Resident Evil fan. Pretty fun and entertaining, plus it was cool revisiting previous RE locales and seeing old RE faces and whatnot, was a pretty nostalgic experience for someone like me who's so fond of the early RE games. Although, I will say that I prefer the earlier REs with an emphasis on exploration, claustrophobia and atmosphere over action, and this one is pretty much all action, so for that reason it doesn't hook me as much as the previous REs. I stopped playing it after getting stuck on a boss fight, though; I still need to go back and try to beat it so I can get further and have a more informed opinion.


New Member
Jun 27, 2008
i never got farther than the first level where your on the train......i liked the puzzle parts of resident evil...but mindless zombie killing is always fun...but arcade shooter, not for me