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Discussion in 'Sabredog - Ground Floor' started by Sabreydoo, Nov 27, 2004.

  1. William Guest

    You slacker!!! :p Just playing.
  2. SeanFury I can see the venom in your eyes-

    Proposed apartment name: Sean's Pokemon Arena
    Proposed description: Place for pokemon battles, since apparantly having a regular board is too much trouble.*looks off other way*
    Proposed moderators: Myself
    Reason we should give it to you: Because I can make it active. :-*
  3. SeanFury I can see the venom in your eyes-

    Meh, Sean made a mistake and doesn't feel like putting effort into it, because he knows it is a unworthy effort. Would like to change his apartment to be renamed to "Sean's Legion of Chaos" with a description of, "Talk about whoever, whatever, and anything you want." Sorry for the trouble.

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