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~Pokemon Battle Rules~


I can see the venom in your eyes-
Jul 11, 2004
Since no one else has posted the rules, I guess I might as well go ahead.

The Rule Loophole- Probably everyone’s favorite rule, I personally adore it. The Rule Loophole is as follows: before a battle actually begins, (meaning before you get to posting entrances and attacks, and etc.) you and with agreement by your opponent, may change ANY of the rules here to make your battle, flow the way, you want it to. However, the only backfire is if you wanted a rule change, but the battle already started, you can’t do it, because more-than-likely, you’d be trying to give yourself an edge. Naughty, naughty little trainer.

Pokemon v1: Legendaries: more common referred to as “Ubers” nowadays. This Pokemon consist of the strongest, and rarest, Pokemon in all of the games. Due to their sheer power, even a n00b could wield one with amazing force, thus, Legendary Pokemon are off-limits to all battles (unless otherwise stated). The list of legendaries is as follows: Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres, Mewtwo, Mew, Suicune, Raikou, Entei, Lugia, Ho-oh, Lugia, Latios, Latias, Kyogre, Groudon, Rayquazza, Jirachi, and Deoxys. Also, Dragonite, Tyranitar, and Metagross are considered Legendary Pokemon for two reasons: A) They are far superior to most Pokemon and B) They are far rarer than most Pokemon

Pokemon v2: Other Pokemon and Moves: Your Pokemon battling team can consist of any Pokemon you wish (unless otherwise stated by your opponent, or yourself). Now the key factor to Pokemon RP battling, is the fact that your Pokemon are not restricted to a move-set of only four moves; your Pokemon can use ANY move it can learn , during any given battle. However, noticed I put “learn” in bold, why? Ex: Charizard can’t learn Hydro Pump, Pikachu can’t learn Fly, Charmander can’t learn Super-Ultra Mega Death (okay I made that one up, but you get the point).

Pokemon v3: Abilities: All Pokemon abilities are activated during battle, unless stated otherwise, and if you fail to mention that your Pokemon has it’s designated ability, it will and can be used against you in terms of battle. So be smart, and always name your abilities.

Items: unless otherwise stated before battle, all items are restricted from being used; including held items. (Ex of Held: Berries, Dark Sunglasses. Ex of Non-held: Potions, Elixirs.)

Moves Per Turn: During any given battle, during your turn (unless otherwise stated, or status ailments impair this ability), you may use up to and including three moves per turn. However, if you have a Charizard out or something similar, don’t just go “Fire Blast, Fire Blast, Blast!” Mix it up a little, would you like to be hit by three Fire Blasts in a row? I didn’t think so.

Status Ailments: Very important, read carefully and make sure you understand them.
Paralysis- if your Pokemon is paralyzed, it is limited to 2 moves per turn, and is restricted from moving at high speeds, even with the effects of Agility/Double Team/etc. in play.
Frozen- Your Pokemon is frozen in a solid block of ice, and cannot be thawed out unless your opponent uses a fire attack on the Pokemon that is frozen, causing the ice to melt. Also, if a fire-type is frozen, the ice will melt away in three turns, regardless of whether the Pokemon is in its ball or otherwise.
Burnt- Burnt Pokemon will have scorch marks over their body, and constantly lose health every turn (both you and your opponents). It can be healed by a water and/or ice attack.
Poison- A poisoned Pokemon will constantly lose health every turn (both you and your opponents) and depending on which attack poisoned it, the damage will be more severe, or less (Toxic does more then a normal poisoning).
Sleep- a sleeping Pokemon will sleep for 3 turns, and 3 turns only, if it is physically attacked (Tackle, Thunderpunch, Rage, etc.) then it will be woken up, but if it is attacked by “specials” (Fire Blast, Ice Beam), then it will not be awoken.
Confusion- Confusion lasts three turns like sleep, and being frozen; every turn you, yourself makes your Pokemon must injure itself in some way; it can be healed by recalling the Pokemon only.
Attraction- If a Pokemon is attracted to the opponent’s, every OTHER turn your Pokemon makes, it will not be able to attack due to attraction. However, recalling the Pokemon can solve this state, or having your opponents Pokemon recalled.

Battle Arena/First Attack: Before any actual battling is done, the battle starter must make a choice between choosing the arena for the battle to take place in and make their entrance, and allow the opponent (Which can be ANYONE, unless the starter stated someone specifically or asked for certain people not to fight him/her, but the starter can also deny ANYONE that wants to fight). If the starter does not choose either arena, or first attack, then they must leave it up to their opponent to decide whichever they would like.
Choosing Arena- Choosing the arena would most likely be the wisest choose, as the arena is very important for certain types of Pokemon. Such as battling on a beach would be bad for a Fire-type, due to the close range or water, and things along those lines.
First Attack- Most people choose to take the first attack, as they not only get to see which Pokemon their opponent chose first and choose a type that’s stronger then it, but also gets to take a nice chunk out of the opponent’s team, normally putting them ahead in the battle.
Both ways are have advantages and disadvantages, but are pretty even no matter which you pick.