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My Stepmania Superiority.


Staff member
Jun 4, 2006
These are probably the hardest songs on Stepmania right now. If any of you play the game, you know how fuggen hard it can get. I'm gonna show my highest scores on the hardest songs I have.

This is over 6 minutes long and it's a 15 step difficulty. It's probably the HARDEST song I've ever done, as it's nothing but a constant power stream.

This here is a 9 minute 45 second song by DragonForce-Soldiers of the Wasteland. Quite a difficult song indeed, but it's generous enough to give you a break here and there unlike Blue Army up above.

The next one is DragonForce-Through the Fire and Flames. Not at all what I would call easy. The power streams in this song are fierce and if you haven't played as long as I have you'd die with in the first 5 seconds of the steps.

This next and last one I'm posting for now is what I would call--WHY GOD WHY!? This song has constant steps of the same pattern repeating. (example, up down, up down, up down, up down, ect ect. It's not easy AT ALL and the grade "A" was something I had to work hard for since I suck at constants. Steams, Speed Streams, and Power Streams? Bring them on. Constants? Fuck no!

I've seen things on youtube. People do their songs and post the videos and people say because of the heavy ass steps that it's impossible and that they use jukebox mode. No, they don't. They sit at their PCs playing the game and getting better. I've played SM now for about a year. I'm pure skill. NO song is impossible unless it's a joke file. Everyone on Youtube, their videos are real. Not bullshit fakes. Plus jukebox mode hardly misses any, I miss a big deal out of mine, to me. Just wanted to clear that up.

SM songs impossible?? THAT'S WHAT THEY SAID ABOUT MY--you get the joke.