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    Thats right, I found a decent computer cafe here in poland, so I'll be able to talk once every couple of days with all of yall. Seeing as this is probably my last trip to poland, I've decided to make a travel journal of all my experiances and sights. I'll be writing them as they happen in a notebook, and then I'll transfer them by hand on the computer. So, away we go!

    Entry #1

    So its the end of my first real day in Poland, and I need to say, time travel is a real drag. I can't sleep normally, but I'm sure I'll adjust soon. Everything is exactly the same as I remember it, including the farm, my grandparents, my entire family here in Poland, and just about everything else. With the exception of one major thing: Emo has landed in Europe, and its name is Taco Stand. That can't be a good sign...

    But yeah, its all good so far =)


    Entry #2

    I've decided to make this entry a more politically charged one the the rest. I really need to talk about poland economically, because I really nede to get it out. First of all, young people have no incentive to stay. They get payed roughly a buck an hour for a job that would pay in Canada for 16 dollars a hour. Just like in post-WWII Russia, Poland has developed a second illegal economy on small markets called "targs". The reason that this is illegal is that 90% of the goods there are stolen from other countries. Several puppies are sold in a tiny cage, meat and fruit are sold on shit covered tables, dogs and other animals getting run over are common place, policemen take part in buying and helping it grow, this sight is one of the many culture shorcks that I'm sure I'l experiance throughout this trip.


    more entries to come soon....

    BTW, if someone could put this under an apartment block or whatever, that would be nice.
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    I'm sure it'll be interesting to read about your experiences in Poland, I can't wait to see more entries. Are you going to be posting pictures soon, along with the text?

    Oh, and if you want an Apartment, you can apply for one here; but there are a few prerequisites you need to complete before being eligible for one, the most important one in this case being that you need 250 posts before you can receive one.
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    Pictures will be up on the 18th of August, when I get back. Though I wouldn't dare take pictures of the targs, because it would break my heart everytime. :(

    Entry #3

    Home sickness has really set in. I miss my family and dog, and I miss Canada where I'm sure thieves won't break in at night and take everything, and other wive's tales my grandma has been telling me.

    Poland is 90% Catholic, and the other 10% are disfigured beggars who can't write or read. You might find that funny, but on my trip to Chestohova (nicelye translated into "Often Hides" because of the many hills on the road there.) this statistic proved true. It started nicely enough from the train ride (trains haven't been updated in the rural areas since the fifties, and you can easily see that when the train comes) into Chestohova, in a pretty spiffy looking train station. As soon as I leave the station, BAM. Ads EVERYWHERE. I'm not saying that in exaggeration. EVERYWHERE. I'm surprised buildings havn't collapsed under all that corporate weight. But from what I could see of the buildings, the architecture is really beautiful. Again, this is useless without pics =|. Chestohova is famous for housing the famous monastary on Bright Hill (Jasna Gora in polish). Thousands upon Thousands upon thousands of pilgrims visit the Bright Hill Monastary every year to see the famous Black Madonna of Chestohova, and it's credited with saving the monastary during a swedish invasion in the 17 century. Yeah, people actually believe a painting saved an entire complex of building against an ARMY of angry swedes. Plenty of pictures will be uploaded to this entry when the time comes.

    Beggars and stray dogs are EVERYWHERE in Poland. On the path to Bright Hill, me and my grandmother were bombarded with about 10 diffrent beggers, some singing, some praying, some crying, and dogs ran about on the streets everywhere. Somone followed people, some got run over, but this was common place, and the locals thought nothing was amiss.

    This is probably the worst part about Poland, the fact that people think nothing is amiss with everyday life, but it is. It really is. Statistics prove (me going around and asking about a 100 diffrent teens) that if I grew up in Poland, by the age of 16, I would've become a heavy drinker, I'd be getting into fights and hospitals every other day, and I would've failed school. Its worse for girls, though. By fifteen, I would've had lost my virginity three years ago, been a heavy drinker, been beaten, and probably taking drugs. This trip is really wearing me down, and I hope I can make it through the next 30 days without breaking down...

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    Apartment Created and thread moved:) I really like your travel journal Maps its very interesting.
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    Entry #4

    Dziendobry from Kolobrez (Near the coast in english)! I'm facing the beautiful baltic sea, and thanks to this swealtering heat wave, I'm having a great time 800 kilometers from where I originally was. Kolobreg is a small town, but is sure if bustling during the city. Hope to work on my tan , but can't talk long, only have 8 minutes left on this computer, and rates are higher here then back in Zawiercie where I originally posted. Toodles!


    Entry #5

    I officially suck at tanning. I spent too much time having fun in the water, and now I have sun burn. But its wearing off, so in two days I can play again. Yay! I'm here 'till Friday, and then its back to Zawiercie.

    CONTEST! Thats right! Send me a PM with your name and adress, and I will send you an ACTUAL seashell. More contests to come! Contest ends Friday.

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    Entry #6

    My last entry, sadly. 2 Days left here, and Im' freaking out about the whole take-down-america-for-the-motherland british thing. So scared I'm actually shaking right now. Wish me luck.

  7. Captain Morgan hates YOU!

    "take-down-america-for-the-motherland british thing"

    What's that all about? You mean Anti-American propaganda or something?

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