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Machinae Supremacy [Review]

Diabolikal Rapture

MPAA's Nightmare
Apr 8, 2005
Name: Machinae Supremacy
Genre: Power Metal/Electronica, SID Metal (Many of there songs use a SIDStation, that contains the SID chips from the Commodore 64
Origin: Luleå, Sweden
Year started: 2000-present
Website: http://www.machinaesupremacy.com/

Robert Stjärnström
Jonas Rörling
Andreas Gerdin
Tomas Nilsén
Johan Palovaara

Thoughts: There music is VERY unique because of the fact that they use the SID chip from the Commodore 64. It brings something to their music that no other band that I've found has. Not to mention their vocals are very unique, but kinda' hard to get into. There guitars are heavy, hence the genre "Power Metal" which adds even more to there amazing sound. All in all this band is very unique and isn't something you'll just find anywhere.

Sample song:

Machinae Supremacy - Rise (Un-offical music video)


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Dec 31, 1969
Lol. I definitely recommend this band. In my top 3 favorites at the moment.

Nice review. Personally, I love the vocals. If whomever reads the review likes the music, but not the vocals, most of their other works are just instrumentals. Which is why I prefer their Redeemer album. Mostly vocals. :D

But yeah, you may have heard of this band before, as they did the Jet'N'Guns soundtrack, among other video game tunes.