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Discussion in 'Boundary' started by Keidense, Sep 5, 2007.

  1. Keidense Member

    First thing's first: I no longer have the time to do anything. I am too busy, and have no time for even myself. Not just school, but other stuffs as well. To keep things short, as a stated somewhere else in this forums:

    This apartment was made to be a text-RPG game, but is now just a test-drive version of it, due to my lack of time. This board lacks activity and so I have decided (once) to try to give it some activity. Anyone who would like to volunteer and help out is most welcomed.

    As said during one of my earlier posts here a long time ago, I once did say that I love the apartment feature of this board, and that that was one of the reasons I even registered here right after stumbling upon it. Meh, that was useless information, but whatever, needed to cough that up.

    The game has not begun yet, and any GW members are free to post in this thread. Do note though, that this thread *may* have an impact on the soon-to-begin game, if anyone even bothers trying it.

    This thread currently is specially made for comments for the above apologetic/desperate confession of mine.
  2. Carlo Marx Sunflower Sutra

    I usually detest RPing, but i like your idea, ill start posting tomarrow once im sober enough to make rational decisions.
  3. Keidense Member

    I'm not sure which part of my idea you like, but, uh, okay?
    Be prepared to face disappointments though, there might not be that much people, or no one else at all, who are willing to play. What good is an RP with only 2 people (You and I)? Of course, I would prefer a minimum of 5 people to at least kick start it though.

    I'm game.
  5. Keidense Member

    Aww, you just have to make my life more miserable by participating :(
    Oh well, more activity for the board, I guess :)
    Yay, 3 members now. Maybe I should give an incentive, like, participants who sign up within this week, gains some sort of advantage or something.

    ..Nah :p

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