Jesus Christ— His compiled proverbial tombstone.

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    Have you ever wondered who the Christian-based Jesus really was?

    So have I.

    Unfortunately, Christian leaders won't tell you much.


    Because they don't know much.

    Let's examine Paul:

    If Jesus was a human who had recently lived, nobody told Paul.

    Paul never heard of Mary, Joseph, Bethlehem, Herod, John the Baptist, he's never heard of any of Jesus' miracles, he never mentions Jesus having a ministry of any kind at all, he doesn't know about any entrance into Jerusalem, he never mentions Pontius Pilate, a Jew mob, or any trials at all.

    Paul doesn't know anything of the story of what we'd call to be about Jesus, except that he was put on a cross, resurrected and ascended into Heaven. And even those, Paul never places on Earth.

    Paul doesn't believe that Jesus was ever a human being—he's not even aware of the idea... and he's the link of the timeframe given for the life of Jesus and the appearance of the first gospel account of that life.
    You don't hear many religious leaders speak of the early times of Christianity, because of you assemble the facts, here's what you get:

    Jesus was said to be born within the years 0 - 33, the end of these times culminating where Jesus is twelve years old. The eighteen years between those? He was forgotten. When Jesus was 30, Mark, Matthew, Luke and John wrote about him. This is when he was "remembered."

    Does that strike you as a bit odd?

    Me too.

    But it gets even shakier than that:

    Allegorical literature was extremely common back then as well.

    Moving on, let's consider something else that has to do with Jesus.

    Evolved ("modern") Christianity shows clear influences of Mithraism and Zoroastrainism, and has borrowed many of its definitions of evil from the Roman thology it was competing with.

    (Compare the goat-like tradional image of Satan to the Roman satyr, a symbol of hedonistic indulgence. Not a coincidence.)

    And are you aware of the mythical entities before Jesus, and their similarities?

    I've compiled a checklist for them, which I'll post right now:
    #1. Mother is a virgin/royal virgin — Check.
    #2. Father is a king — Check.
    #3. Often irrelative to his mother — Check.
    #4. Circumstances of his conception are unusual — Check.
    #5. Also appeared to be the son of a god — Check.
    #6. At birth, an attempt is made of his father to kill him — Check.
    #7. Spirited away — Check.
    #8. (And) reared by foster parents in a foreign country — False.
    #9. Told nothing of his childhood — Check.
    #10. Reaching manhood he returns/goes to his future kingdom — Check.
    #11. After a victory over a king, giant or dragon — False.
    #12. Marries a princess — False.
    #13. Becomes king — Check.
    #14. Reigns uneventfully — Check.
    #15. Prescribes laws — Check.
    #16. Later loses favor with his subjects — Check.
    #17. Driven from the throne of the city — Check.
    #18. Meets with a mysterious death — Check.
    #19. Often at the top of a hill — Check.
    #20. His children, if any, do not succeed him — Check.
    #21. His body is not buried — Check.
    #22. Nevertheless, has one or more holy sepulchers — Check.

    1. Oedipus - 22
    2. Theseus - 20
    3. Jesus Christ - 19
    4. Romulus - 17
    5. Hercules - 17
    6. Perseus - 16
    7. Zeus - 15
    8. Jason - 15
    9. Robin Hood - 13
    10. Apollo - 11

    But that isn't even all. There are even more attributes that Jesus and previous saviors share.

    Here's a second list, just for reference:

    [SPOILER]#1. Born of a virgin on December 25.
    #2. Stars appeared at their births.
    #3. Visited by Magi from the East.
    #4. Turned water into wine.
    #5. Healed the sick.
    #6. Cast out demons.
    #7. Performed miracles.
    #8. Transfigured before followers.
    #9. Rode donkeys into the city.
    #10. Betrayed for 30 pieces of silver.
    #11. Celebrated communal meal with bread and wine.
    #12. - Which represented savior's flesh and blood.
    #13. Killed on a cross or tree.
    #14. Descended into hell.
    #15. Resurrected on third day.
    #16. Ascended into heaven.
    #17. - To forever sit beside father God and become divine judge.[/SPOILER]

    Now finally, I offer a historical lesson to you.

    First off, the Bible states that the Jewish supreme council meeting was held on Passover Eve? That's simply out of the question.

    How about Pontius Pilate letting go a known killer of Romans (or insurrections parabus,) and letting Jesus be thrown to the mob and after, however, trying to get him off the hook as if he has to have a vote on it?!

    It simply defies any historical verisimilitude!

    In conclusion, when you realize that there were other ancient Jews and Jewish Christians that believe Jesus had been killed a century before under King Alexander, or even in the Gospel of Peter where it says that Herod had Jesus killed, you have to question how it could be such a diverse event if it was so recent that people remembered?

    For extra added emphasis, let us view what similar events happened to Osiris and Horus, two mythic figures before the Bible.

    First we shall examine Osiris, and the similarities he has with Jesus Christ:

    #1: Osiris had well over 200 divine names, which included "Lord of Lords," King of Kings," "God of Gods," etc.
    #2: His coming was announced by Three Wise Men.
    #3: He was a devoured host, and his "flesh" was eaten in the form of communion cakes of wheat.
    #4: His and Jesus' teachings are extremely alike, and many of the passages are identically the same, word for word.
    #5: In his passion Osiris was plotted and killed by Set and "the 72."
    #6: He was the ruler and judge of the dead.
    #7: Osiris' resurrection served to provide hope to all that they may do likeness and become eternal.
    #8: He was referred to as "the god who makes men and women be born again."

    And now Horus:

    #1: He was born of the virgin Isis-Meri on December 25th in a cavelmanger.
    #2: His birth was announced by a star in the East.
    #3: His birth was attented by Three Wise Men.
    #4: His earthly father was named "Seb" ("Joseph"), and was of royal descent.
    #5: At 12 he was a child teacher in the Temple.
    #6: At 30 he was baptized, having disappeared for 18 years. (Coincidence?)
    #7: He was baptized in the river Eridanus of Iaurutana (Jordan by "Anup the Baptizer," who was decapitated.
    #8: He had 12 disciples, two of whom were his "witnesses" and were named "Anup" and "AAn" (the two "Johns).
    #9: He performed miracles.
    #10: He exorcized demons.
    #11: He raised El-Azrus ("El-Osiris") from the dead.
    #12: He walked on water.
    #13: He transfigured on the Mount.
    #14: He was crucified between two thieves.
    #15: He was buried for three days in a tomb.
    #16: He was resurrected three days after death.
    #17: He came to fulfill the Law.
    #18: He was called "The KRST(Christ?)" or "Anointed One."
    #19: He was supposed to reign for 1000 years.

    Doesn't it look like someone tried to put a figure, originally mythical, into a historical framework and made various stabs at it?
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    A very well made post.

    The only qualm I can think of is that the Gospel (to my knowledge) never places Jesus' birth at December 25. That was a tradition started during the later years of the Roman Empire, when Christianity used December 25 as a festival to rival a pagan holiday on the same date.
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    Do you have a hard-on for stating cases against Christianity? Who are you really talking to, here? There aren't many Christians on this forum, that I'm aware of. Even then, these arguments are decades old.

    We all know, and it's fine.
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    This site is my place to store text documents I've compiled for later reference.
  5. Rocketbilly_Redcadillac Painting Nintendo emblems one baby at a time!

    Good luck citing every source this information is paraphrased from.

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