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[Instrument] Hero franchise, meet the milkman.


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Jul 21, 2004
Activision trademarks 'DJ Hero' - Wii News at GameSpot

With news that Guitar Hero would recieve an installment featuring almost exclusively songs by Aerosmith, you can see that the GH franchise is being led into the barn to be milked.

But not only that. Oh no, that's not enough, so, here comes Activision with "DJ Hero." This article (in case you didn't read it) only states that they filed patents for the software and controllers, so while it's not a sure sign that the game is coming, it's an easy bet to say that it will. Activision is officially milking it's rhythm game franchise.

While this may provide a much needed refresher from playing guitar for some people, in my eyes it's a simple way to cash in on the success they've already achieved with GH.