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I am bored, therefore...a game.



Alright, I'm bored out of my mind, so I was attempting to think and came up with this idea...

IF you post, you MUST write a short (4 lines or more) poem, song, or story. It must be YOUR original work and you have to think it up on the spot as you are replying. Meaning you may NOT get a piece of paper and do it later, or anything of the sort.

So yeah...it doesn't have to be serious and it doesn't even have to make sense. Just follow the above rules and you will do fine. :cookie:

I guess I go first...(Even though I'm dead tired and this will make absolutely no sense...).


It was a dark and stormy night as thunder ripped across the sky. There was nothing else to do, considering I was more prone to the outdoors, so I figured I'd sit by the empty fireplace and read a good book. I had finally forced myself into enjoying the book when suddenly I heard a loud thump hit the rooftop. Figuring it was just something that the wind shook off of one of the trees near my house, I shrugged it off and continued reading. That was, until I heard it again, this time even louder. In fact, it was way too loud to be something that the wind knocked off of a tree. So I put the book down and got up from the chair I was sitting in. I grabbed my shoes near the frontdoor, put them on, and continued out the front door to see what that noise was. What I saw would be something I would never forget.

I looked up towards the roof and there standing looking straight at me was this humanoid being. I ran into the house and grabbed a flashlight so I could have a better look at what this thing was, then ran back outside with the flashlight on. I looked up again and... it was my father. Apparently he lost his foothold while fixing our satelite dish. Not once, but twice. Sighing in relief, I turned off the flashlight and walked back inside. I sat down and started to read the book again, but couldn't concentrate as I was too busy laughing about what happened. Then I heard my father scream followed by a loud thud. I dropped the book, ran outside, and my father was laying in a pool of blood near the front porch - dead. I look around and see the Loch Ness Monster on my rooftop. So I'm thinking to myself..."What the fuck?". I yell out to Nessie, "Hey! I thought you only lived in that lake! What the hell man? You just killed my dad!". Then Nessie jumped off the roof and tore off my head.

The end.


News Administrator
Jul 8, 2005
He Comes For Me<O:p></O:p>

As I look around, suddenly,
there above me “Death” in all his darkness stood,
Though the odds were against me I lay there
hoping for what little chance there was for me to live.
I cry out in the darkened void,
the cries echo around me,
mocking me,
but no one answers.

I could not move as Death stood taunting me,
I tried to speak,
to beg, for the life I did not deserve,
but it was useless,
Death just laughed at my face.
I knew then that this was no routine killing,
he was here for some sick pleasure,
to taunt me forever and ever more,
And to this day I'm still laying here in this darkened void
with Death standing over me,
taunting me,
Forever and Forever and ever more.



The Bill

tf2 is a good game
Oct 29, 2004
There once was a girl called Nicky
Who thought riding bikes was tricky
She fell down, THUD!
She landed in the mud
And now she's cold and sticky

Yeah, I can only write limericks. :p

Captain Morgan

hates YOU!
Jan 23, 2006
There once was a man named Macbride who fell down an outhouse and died. The man had a brother, who fell down another. Now they're interred side by side :p

Not original though, sooo...

The coldness of the grave

inviting to some, feared by others... when our time has come we know not. We live our lives day after day, doing what we think we should. We want something, even if we're not aware what...and we'll strive until it's obtained. But, what if the clock hits midnight before were done? What if everythings not complete? Would our spirits linger still...or find comfort in something mortals would never understand?