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Hell— Converting nonbelievers with fear since the 1800s.


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Aug 20, 2006
Hell is a placed feared by millions of individuals around the world. According to the Bible, it is a place of infinite suffering and darkness, and there is no escaping from it for the rest of eternity after you've received a "spiritual death" from God. Everyone who fails to ask Jesus to save them from the sins of humanity will go there, and since you haven't gotten to know God personally on Earth, he supposedly won't even recognize you when his "Day of Judgment" arrives... or so those select few believers like to claim.

Firstly, how is God omniscient (all-knowing) if he cannot recognize faces, during any situation or day? No, this idea is thoroughly refuted. Secondly, how is God merciful if he created a place of eternal torment for his "beloved children?" He supposedly has a predetermined, universal plan for everything, so he knows those of which will go to this place of "Hell."

He knows full well he could intervene if he wanted to, but it's in his plan; it's already determined by this that God can't be merciful. He controls everything, from poverty to pandemics across the world, and yet he doesn't intervene because he has a "divine will for everything." What's that will, to kill innocent children? To kill those who don't believe and send them to a fate worse than death?

Thirdly, no sane individual can control what they believe in. You don't subscribe to the reality of your choosing. "Belief" is what happens upon instance, and can't be controlled if another source is convincing enough. Those thousands upon thousands of heathens (nonbelievers) around the world can't help what they believe or don't believe-- it's out of their capacity to control such things.

If one doesn't believe in God, then he should make an honest effort to give them signs to believe, to allow them to know the truth that he exists and he is there for them. If he doesn't do that, and the person(s) in question are destined to suffer, then God is definitely not a merciful god. Humans have no control over what they believe in. God is completely at fault for allowing nonbelievers to suffer.