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Games you've bought recently

Carlo Marx

Sunflower Sutra
Staff member
Feb 1, 2007
I'd have to agree with the "mindless fun" but, well, except I didn't have any fun. Granted, I wasn't playing with the Wiil, but that hardly has anything to do with how the game's mechanics function. Oh, don't mistake, they weren't faulty, but they left me wanting more, a lot more. I can jump from 12th to 2nd place by basically holding A and moving the stick around a little; there's really nothing in the way of skill you need to win, let alone to play.

The game is also almost entirely based on chance. There are so many random offenses and boosts that it's nearly impossible to know what place you'll be in 30 seconds before the race is over. I'd much prefer to play without any of the boosts/power-ups, really. Even THEN the game lacks a lot in certain aspects of level design. Sometimes the textures on the side of cliff look nearly identical to what's on the ledge. Sure, after you've remembered the course, it's fine, but it's still an inexcusable flaw on the graphical development team's part. On that note, there's so much detail on the character models and vehicles, but so LITTLE in the courses. It doesn't even appear as though the drivers are in the environment. I'm seeing flower patches that look, no hyperbole intended, as though they were rendered on the N64 engine, and textures that aren't far behind.

A strength would be the terrains' effects on drivers, but previous entries have executed this principle much more strongly. If anything else, Motorstorm performed in this genre more than this game even seems to have the potential to.



GTA4, COD4, and the upcoming MGS4. :)

I am using my PS3 a lot for the two games that I recently purchased.


Well-Known Member
Jul 21, 2004
I've bought a lot of stuff since my last post, but most recently would be Castle Shikigami 2 for PS2 and Crash Team Racing for PSX, which I bought yesterday.