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Example of Restaurant Review: Libby Hill's

The Liztress

Poison Pink
Oct 17, 2007
Alrighty, I figured I would do the first restaurant review and show the guidelines for it. If you have another way of doing this, please feel free.

Restaurant Name: Libby Hill's
Location of one visited: Madison, NC
Type of food served: Fried Chicken and Seafood
Rating out of ten: 7
Review: Libby Hill's is a restaurant franchise located mainly in North Carolina. They serve fried chicken, seafood, and steaks. The prices are decent as you can feed a family of 7 (which is how many people live where I live) for $35. The chicken is pretty good and same with the fish. I don't know about the steaks as I don't order them. The fries could be better but they taste like a mixture of chicken and fish. I think they cook the food all in the same grease. A regular chicken meal consists of three chicken strips, some fries, and choice of coleslaw or baked beans.