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And the champion of Series I is...

Captain Morgan

hates YOU!
Jan 23, 2006
Pirates of the Carribean!

It came out victorious against LotR: Return of the King with a score of 7 to 4!

And with that, the first series of "Battle of the Movies" draws to a close. Check back in a few day's for the begining of Series II: Round I!!!

Thank you's go out to: Everyone who nominated movies, everyone who voted, and everyone who left feedback. It is definitely appreciated. But above all else, i'd like to thank William for getting this whole thing started in the first place!
Although, I don't run this even half as well as he did...i'll hopefully improve in time. So, hopefully everyone will stick around for Series II!!!

Thank you again.

- Grave Wisdom

Carlo Marx

Sunflower Sutra
Staff member
Feb 1, 2007
agahg, im glad i wasnt here for this seires. pirates of the carabian sucked, it was mainly for johny depp fangirls. no way did it even compare to return of the king.

Archangel Sabre

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Staff member
Oct 21, 2004
Pirates of the Carribean was alright, but certainly nowhere near the best of the bunch. Haven't seen that other Lord of the Rings movie, though.


<font color="hotpink">Writing On The Walls and Fir
Dec 31, 1969
idk, was bloom really big before lotr?

No, if people payed attention I'm pretty sure that was one of his first major movies, or any movie. I think he was a stage actor before that. Don't hold me too that but LotR is what made him big. If he had fangirls before that it was like two.