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    Post Your Desktop

    Media Center.
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    Now Playing

    RoST Megaman X5 I.D.E.A - 4:13
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    Make my tattoo contest

    Meh, nothing special about CS2 aside from a few more options and a new filter to whore.
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    Now Playing

    Sonic Adventure 2 Sonic Team Supporting Me - 3:29
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    Post Your Desktop

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    Banner Complitation

    None of them are on the main page, why do you think I haven't made anymore?
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    Have you tried any illegal drugs and what do you think about them?

    Just realized this was a pretty big bump. Last post was made 04-28-2006, 10:07 AM. Almost a year ago, 10 months to be precise. But yeah, drugs and beer still suck.
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    Michael J. Fox can't reply to this thread. Because of Parkinson's.

    Welcome to teh internet Saber.
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    Guess that RPG screenshot!

    Riddick isn't black yo. Plus there's only one game based on Riddick and it's a FP for the xbox and PC.
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    Guess that RPG screenshot!

    Yeah, maybe cuz there's no image there.
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    Guess that RPG screenshot!

    oh lawd be dat sum digmonz?
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    Guess that RPG screenshot!

    Indeed. Now post a shot.
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    Guess that RPG screenshot!

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    Xbox 360 Mods (Image Heavy)

    The last 4 are the best IMO. 49.99 seems slightly higher then what I would pay, but still nice.
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    B& hammer for playing violent games in Germany.

    http://www.gamespot.com/news/6163059.html?tag=latestnews;title;1 Yes, the German government is lame enough to that far. I hope Crytek moves out of there, they're too good for Germany. They should move to Montreuil right next to Ubisoft oll.
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    Shoutbox stupidity from Grave!

    You have betrayed me. I shall meet you in the courtyard, bring your sword.....and your coffin.
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    1st one was the best. Good job on making another meme for 4chan Christopher Sabat!
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    Game Wire: The Game [Input Needed]

    If you notice, all the stuff I say is monotone and/or sarcastic. So, in a sense...I'm not really lol'ing. I just say lol because it's part of the internet experience. @ William; point taken. Good thing I already have my sprite and character review partly done.