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  1. PKT


    I have some sp's and I want some gba's so I guess I gotta get a micro eventually
  2. PKT

    Becoming a Doctor.

    I liked it even though I dunno what the original looks like.
  3. PKT

    Currently playing/Last played

    I played some stepmania again. I gotta start playing the game like I used to. I forgot just how fun it was.
  4. PKT

    We should make a new Wire Forums with a free board

    Just letting you guys know if I haven't posted it that I probably won't be joining.
  5. PKT

    We should make a new Wire Forums with a free board

    I kinda like WF... I've had to start over a lot of times before this. My own forums included, so, eh, even if this place dies I'll still be here at least for a while. I thought I'd take this place over but it looks like that won't happen anytime soon...if at all.
  6. PKT

    Vitamin B6

    You could be the first...?!?
  7. PKT

    Vitamin B6

    Yeah and don't OD on b6...
  8. PKT

    We should make a new Wire Forums with a free board

    Well, I've admined a few forums in my day and I might be able to set up a free one if you guys want. Kat and Mai could still be admins and such or whatever and well the rest will be history. I say we go with a free one for now and maybe make a domain if it catches on enough.
  9. PKT

    I can't post this anywhere else

    Eh, have no clue what I can say to help but you have my support. Always do. Always will. I don't know myself what could help you get over your feelings about someone but spending less time thinking about it might help. Maybe find some kind of replacement activity to take their place or whatnot...
  10. PKT

    Merry Fucking Christmas.

    Thanks to those who said such cheery things to me...
  11. PKT

    Currently playing/Last played

    Not playing anything currently myself...
  12. PKT

    It's The "Dear Diary" Thread!

    Dir En Grey: I'm sitting here bored. Same like summer cept because it's winter more people stay inside and thus profit. Venom, if all else fails to keep you busy go for porn or something. Games too... Also I'm looking for crap to do myself since I'm living with family. Oh and don't forget free...
  13. PKT

    Merry Fucking Christmas.

    merry holidays to everyone from pie
  14. PKT

    Last Movie Watched

    Jack and Jill...dunkaccino out of al pacino
  15. PKT

    The Dragonborn Comes

    It was an awesome song...
  16. PKT

    Happy Thanksgiving!!!

    Very late same to you...and also merry holidays...
  17. PKT

    Something you're hating right now

    I don't have much to do right now. Things seem like a dead end situation. I may have figured out something from long ago though...that doesn't mean it's a good thing...or a bad thing.
  18. PKT


    Ah, but can you do it without cheats now?
  19. PKT

    DC Universe Online

    I'd go with super speed...Any types that are not human shaped...maybe more hedgehog like...if you get what I'm saying...or maybe like a certain blue robot
  20. PKT

    DC Universe Online

    For some odd reason this makes me want to play second life again though I don't know my password anymore so that's a no go. How fast can you fly and do you start off with that ability?