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Recent content by Sabreydoo

  1. Sabreydoo

    Member of the month contest?

    There's no need, I'd totally win it. Every month.
  2. Sabreydoo

    Cd's youve been excited to buy, but were disappointed by them

    How is there not enough guitar? There aren't any blazing solos but I think it's all very tasteful, much better than the pointless wanking of Train Of Thought. Mainstream I can get where you're coming from. A few of the songs do have a commercial kinda vibe to them. There's that little patch...
  3. Sabreydoo

    When Hoodies Attack!

    That's not the logic they're working with. You'd have to live here to get where they're coming from.
  4. Sabreydoo

    When Hoodies Attack!

    Hoodies are worn almost exclusively by chavs here, which are basically the main troublemakers in UK society, really rough types you don't want to be around. So there is some logic to it, they've given the hoody a really negative image which you can't really appreciate so much over there. Same...
  5. Sabreydoo

    What's your favourite music style?

    Hello, can I have a cake. :)
  6. Sabreydoo

    What's your favourite music style?

    Progressive rock. Most of the music I listen to is, or can be traced back to progressive rock.
  7. Sabreydoo

    Now Playing

    Song: Supermassive Black Hole Artist: Muse Album: Black Holes And Revelations Length: 3:29 Brilliant song. My current favorite.
  8. Sabreydoo

    Cd's youve been excited to buy, but were disappointed by them

    You'd be surprised. So as I was saying, Octavarium is a brilliant album and I don't understand some of the unbridled hate it gets from a lot of Dream Theater fans. It's easily my favorite release from DT, in fact. What exactly did you not like about it?
  9. Sabreydoo

    Cheesiest/funniest music video

    Devin Townsend - Vampira. http://youtube.com/watch?v=L6fdS2ny1J8&search=devin%20townsend%20vampira
  10. Sabreydoo

    Iran Trained 40,000 Suicide Bombers

    Oh for fuck's sake. Time to move.
  11. Sabreydoo

    Body Undiscovered for Three Years

    I always thought 111 sixes is 666.
  12. Sabreydoo

    Best band/artist names

    Porcupine Tree, far and away. I've never heard Sleepytime Gorilla Museum but their name rocks too.
  13. Sabreydoo


    Sounds like it could be tonsillitis.
  14. Sabreydoo

    Your Opinion of the Above Poster

    Always been pretty amiable, but you seem more fun now. You have more personality than when I first saw your posts.
  15. Sabreydoo

    How long can you hold your breath?

    Well yeah, only on a good week, and even then it's a stretch. Seriously though, not very long at all - don't care enough to measure how long, but definitely a matter of seconds. I'm not too great with my lungs in general though, I tend to be quick to run out of breath.