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Recent content by Rocketbilly_Redcadillac

  1. Rocketbilly_Redcadillac

    What do you love/hate most about your computer?

    I love that it was cheap and runs most current-gen games at at least low-to-mid spec. I HATE that it doesn't have an HDMI port. >:[
  2. Rocketbilly_Redcadillac

    Your favorite cereal!

    Rice Krispies. No sugar, cold, cold milk. The texture alongside the brisk, yet somehow subtle, rice taste starts my day just right, or my afternoon, or my midnight. I'm not sure if it's my favorite, but I do love it. Black, pregnant wife, for the win.
  3. Rocketbilly_Redcadillac

    Currently Playing

    Well, I'm between a few titles I haven't been able to get to amidst my schedule in the recent months. CoD4 - EVERY TIME I try playing it, some major disturbance arises and I haven't even gotten four levels into the single-player campaign. Much less than three, so far, though. Overlord -...
  4. Rocketbilly_Redcadillac

    Currently Playing

    Have a fun hour, if that long.
  5. Rocketbilly_Redcadillac

    Games you've bought recently

    I'd have to agree with the "mindless fun" but, well, except I didn't have any fun. Granted, I wasn't playing with the Wiil, but that hardly has anything to do with how the game's mechanics function. Oh, don't mistake, they weren't faulty, but they left me wanting more, a lot more. I can jump...
  6. Rocketbilly_Redcadillac

    Games you've bought recently

    I recently purchased King of Fighters 02/03 on XBox from Amazon for $14. It arrived today, and I popped '03 (the only real reason I bought the collection) into my 360...and received the incompatibility error message. You can check on the official list of backward compatible Xbox games, and...
  7. Rocketbilly_Redcadillac

    My friends here suggested, so...

    In some cases this may be confused with being interpretive, Mai.
  8. Rocketbilly_Redcadillac

    Whats the last DVD/Movie you watch and rate it out of 10

    I scored Underworld for $9.99 not too long ago. The reason I bought this movie in the first place was because I remember seeing it at a friend's house and liking it. So, I wanted to see if my impression of it would hold sway, and surely it did. You're drawn in with a well-scripted action...
  9. Rocketbilly_Redcadillac

    Favorite PlayStation One games?

    Oh, that's a bummer. Well, I would try to find a good emulator such as ZSNES, and there are tons of sites that have the rom for American FFIII/VI. I've played both the SNES and PSX versions in extension, and it's much better on SNES. So, I hope you'll be able to play it somehow or another.
  10. Rocketbilly_Redcadillac

    Happy Birthday Evangelion Angel, and Kurama!!!

    Happy birthday, Travis! I don't have a present, but I have a lot of presence! Yes, that is my cheapskate way of making up for it. Have a good one. =D
  11. Rocketbilly_Redcadillac

    No GCN controller for Wii version of Twilight?

    Wait, wait "...the smarter choice of choosing the Wii version"? That's purely a matter of opinion, and a very uninformed opinion on the assumption that you have not used a Wiimote. Also, graphical quality is largely irrelevant to gameplay. It will be up to the individual consumer which...
  12. Rocketbilly_Redcadillac

    No GCN controller for Wii version of Twilight?

    It's likely all about marketing and sales...though something perplexes me about that if it is so. My theory is that perhaps Nintendo believes that by removing the GCN controller as an option for the Wii release that it will boost sales of the GCN release. However, since (last I heard) TP was...
  13. Rocketbilly_Redcadillac

    My friends here suggested, so...

    Thank you all for the welcome.
  14. Rocketbilly_Redcadillac


    Hello, you. We're going to have fun here. If your posts should define you, then you ought to start defining!
  15. Rocketbilly_Redcadillac

    Rate the last game you played from 1/10 ANY genre!

    I disagree entirely that this game was like the original at all save for level structure. MGS:TTS was MGS integrated with graphics to the liking of MGS2 and MGS2's gameplay in WHOLE. I liked MGS1 in the respect that it felt more like a game than a stealth simulation, and I liked MGS2 in the...