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Recent content by Miso

  1. Miso


    ohgoddamnit Yeah, look. the reality of the situation is, if we're going to ban 3 members, that's like a third of the active users here. At that point, you could only blame yourselves for pulling the plug on GW. Honestly, I'd say the hopes for this place are pretty low because frankly the best...
  2. Miso

    Request your apartment here

    Proposed apartment name: The Realm of Sharp Objects Proposed description: Bosnians chill here. Can you? Proposed moderators: Miso Reason we should give it to you: Because I'm awesome and it's a good idea. Also, I'm here daily and can keep it active.
  3. Miso


    That's actually the logic 1800's slave owners in the Confederacy held. Nothing against ya or anything, I'm just sayin'.
  4. Miso


    I think the comprimise here is to not have overbearing rules, but not to be total fuckwits either. I don't think anyone really should be banned, nor do I think that this quasi-racism is really grounds for it. But when it just gets to the point of "fucking stupid" it sorta pisses me off, because...
  5. Miso


    Well, because everyone seems to feel that we need a bunch of BS to become active, my question is, why not just go to VGC? It's already established, and not totally dead.
  6. Miso


    The only thing that I really like(d) about this place was that people weren't total idiots. But, if that's the change we're making, I'll just go back to VGC. I mean, honestly, there's at least more traffic even if it is run for shit.
  7. Miso


    I sure as Hell won't invite anyone I know the the boards if they're going to just be full of FYAD "humour." If you guys like the Something Awful boards so much, go post there. The problem I see is this: most everyone is pretty comfy with their setup now. I'd say because of this, they don't...
  8. Miso

    Old consoles

    I have an NES hooked up in the living room, but, I don't play it everyday.
  9. Miso

    Kite Flying banned!

    Steel wire? Are these people idiots or what?!
  10. Miso

    The song in your head at this moment.

    "I think I'm Paraniod" by Garbage. I haven't even heard this song in a few weeks, so I don't get why it's in there.
  11. Miso

    What do you do when you're feeling down?

    I like to do take photographs which either reflect my mood or make me happy, and/or drive fast and hit the apexes of turns, etc. There's nothing more harmonious than the howl of Pirrellis on the hot desert pavent.
  12. Miso

    How are you feeling today?

    I'm fine now. But once I leave the house, something will make me angry, and I'll want to give someone a fist-implant. I'm sorta behind on my term paper, and I have to give a fairly long presentation (15 minutes, convince people to use my idea) in a week on a project I'm not done with...
  13. Miso

    How long can you hold your breath?

    About 9 seconds. HEY LOOK I LIVE IN A DESERT SO THERE.
  14. Miso

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    NO-BEAT Tsuneo Imahori Spicy Stewed Donut 3:09
  15. Miso


    Well, that's my point. It's really rediculous in this culture, because of the way we are. I'd rather work on a real fault (for example: my temper) than "give something up" even if it is a non-tangible thing. What I mean is, why not change for the better instead of a 40-day abstinence?