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  1. Zerostar Rawr n' Stuff

    Zerostar's Stuffs ~ F:TSK, Sprites, and More!

    Long story short - here's my comics n' art. ^^;; My art stuffs and sprites stuffs can be found here. WOO! Link back if you're bored. XD
    [IMG] [IMG]

    [IMG] [IMG]

    [IMG] [IMG]

    [IMG] [IMG]

    [IMG] [IMG]

    C+C is always welcomed, encouraged, and appreciated (even if it takes forever for me to reply). :)

    [Last Comic Update: F:TSK #64 on February 24/07]
    [Previous Comic Update: VGMT #11 on January 27/07]

    NEW! He's So Cute When He's Angry
    NEW! Chibi Rockman
    Zero (Custom armor)
    Zero (Custom armor) (Mugshot, colored in MSPaint)
    Blues -Sans Helmet-
    Rockman ZX - Girouette
    Rockman ZX - Aile
    Rockman Zero
    Blues' Break (Awww. =) )
    Chibi Blues
    Souvenir MPT Photo (More Gaia-related art.)
    SA Class Hunters (Fanfic versions of Axl, X, and Zero.)
    Forte's Casual Friday (Incomplete)
    Gaia Online Avatar Art - Concerto (Pen & Pencil) / Paint'd (Yeah, I drew myself. I WAS BORED!)
    Taking More Than a Vacation (My entry to MHHO's Annual Swim Suit Contest. =^^=)
    Thou Shalt Not Piss-Off The Cloaked One
    Like Half an Eggshell (This is a panel from the MegaMan NT Warrior manga. I colored it in Paint. ^^; )
    Ninja Scarves, Now In Five Delicious Flavors!
    Blues' Curse: Stylable Bishie Hair!
    Saito (V3)
    Bishie vs Bishie, or Bad Hair Day, Bad!
    Enzan (quick mugshot)
    Saito (V2)
    Tail Pullin'
    Net Nyavi Rockman
    Net Nyavis
    Ijuuin Alive, or Saturday Night Enzan
    X is a "Light"-Weight (Get it? LIGHT-Weight? ... *flees*)
    Rockman X (custom armor)
    Accele (Yes, femme Axl. ... *flees s'more*)
    A Blues Christmas
    Axl, Post MMX8
    Dark Lord Hamtaro (Inquire at your own risk ^^;; )
    What is This "Fan Service" You Speak Of?
    Hub Style (1)
    Hub Style (2)
    Forte.exe Has Kyoot Widdle Feet
    Metool and Rabirii (more kyootness!)
    Roll.exe and her Met Horde
    Roll.exe and her Met Buddies
    Rockman.exe VS Shadowman.exe (Sort of...)
    Zero Has a Whole 'Nother Plan
    Met Pile
    X, Zero, and Iris in : The Reunion

    • "ZOMG!" is actually a doodle from the corner of a totally different picture - one I refuse to display to the public. It's embarrassing that I even thought to draw it, never mind that it actually turned out fairly well. <.<;
    • "Blues -Sans Helmet-" is an attempt to figure out a good hairstyle for Blues. I don't know why I picked silver hair. Maybe because of Blues.exe? I kinda like it, though. =) If anyone knows of any official art of Blues sans helmet, PLEASE let me know.
    • "Rockman ZX - Girouette" : I like Giro. =/ He damn well better pull a Zero and resurrect in ZX 2. >=(
    • To quote my brother upon seeing "Rockman ZX - Aile", my first of two ZX drawings made in two days; "You can always tell when you get a new Mega Man game." So very true. =/
    • "Rockman Zero" is inspired by Zero's mugshot from Zero 3. I saw it and said, "Hey, I wonder if I could draw the rest of him from this." And, I could. =D
    • "Souvenir MPT Photo" is a "snapshot" of my trip to the first post of the MPT - the Million Page Thread - at Gaia. We actually hit 250K last week. =D
    • "SA Class Hunters" features Accele, X, and Zero. Accele is the femme version of Axl, which I use in this fanfic I'm working on that will probably never see the light of day. xP Accele and X have both been posted before (I think O.O), but I've never posted a pic of this armor design for Zero. I like it, I do. ^.^ And the facepaint is just there 'cause it's COOL. xP
    • The Gaia Online avi art of myself I did while waiting (for an HOUR) at the doctor's office. I'm rather pleased with it, and I'm quite proud of the MSPaint coloring job, despite being only half-done. =)
    • "Ninja Scarves" is #3 in the Net Nyavis series~nya. I don't know why ElecNeko is munching on ShadowNeko's scarf, but by the looks of things, it tastes pretty good~nya. <3
    • "Bishie vs Bishie" is, in case it's hard to tell, Zero's hair fighting with Ken's hair. XD My brother and I were playing SSFA3, and he randomly decided it would be funny if Zero's hair and Ken's hair got into a fight. ^.^;; Yeah, I don't know where that came from, either. >.>;; Ryu's supposed to be next to Ken, but I got lazy. =D
    • "Saito (V2)" is a second attempt at drawing what I think Saito Hikari would look like, if he'd lived. No more Yuu bangs, sadly. T__T The bangs for this version are closer to the version you'll eventually see in MMBN6, as opposed to the first Saito drawing, which is more like the style seen in MMBN5 (YUU BANGS! <3).
    • "Net Nyavi Rockman" is, obviously, going along with the "Net Nyavis" idea. Someone said they wanted to see more of Neko Rockman, so... here he is. ^^
    • "Saito-kun" I was wondering what it'd be like if Netto ever met his Beyondard double. For some reason, my next thought was, "Wouldn't it be cool if Saito was there instead of Netto?" And this is what I think Saito should look like. :3 HE HAS YUU'S HAIR! <3
    • "Net Nyavis" was inspired by RM.EXE episode 41, the one with the Neko Virus ~nya! I was thinking recently that it was too bad Blues hadn't been included in the mayhem, so I took matters into my own hands. =D
    • "Ijuuin Alive, or Saturday Night Enzan" was inspired by RM.EXE Axess episode 37, which I've never seen but would love to finally get my hands on one day. ^^
    • "Axl, Post MMX8" - Well, if you've beaten X8, then you've seen what happens to poor, poor Axl. I just figured this would be the end result if X and/or Zero tried to help him on the way back down the elevator. XD
    • "Dark Lord Hamtaro" is, long story short, the end result of a very oddly phrased comment. Apparently, Hamtaro is a "possessed hamster." ^^;;
    • "What is This "Fan Service" You Speak Of?" was done for MHHO's MegaMan swimsuit art competition. I never submitted it. ^^;
    • The idea behind "Forte.exe Has Kyoot Widdle Feet" is that, since he's always floating, if someone was walking along and not paying attention, wouldn't the first thing they see of him be his feet? XD
    • There was supposed to be someone being chased by Roll's Metools in "Roll.exe and her Met Horde", but I never got around to adding them. T__T
  2. Kadenzza New Member

    Zerostar! Yay!

    I don't know how many times I've said this in the past, but I really like your work. It's true.
  3. Zerostar Rawr n' Stuff

    Lordy, has it really been THAT long since I last posted here? O.O

    =^^= I'm really, really, really sorry it took so long to reply, but I do really, really, really appreciate your compliment, Afterlife. :)

    Anyhoo, if the last time I posted here was th 14th of April, that means that was the update I added the VGMT to F:TSK. So, there's been six updates since, including the current one - not to mention changes (dare I say it, improvements?) to the Sprites section and Links section, and three new F:TSK issues. YAY! No new VGMT, though. T.T
  4. William Guest

    Wow. Your drawings on DA are excellent. I love them! :)

    And the comic strips are pretty good as well. Very funny. :p How'd you make them? :confused:
  5. Zerostar Rawr n' Stuff

    ^^ Thank-you!

    The comics are really fun to make, and fairly easy once you get the hang of it, but it can be pretty picky work and it can take a while to make consistanly good sprites/comics.

    First step is finding sprites (a.k.a. the characters/objects/etc., or more specifically sheets made up of the individual frames of the animations that make the characters move) and backgrounds. I have links to a couple of great sites for that kind of thing on my site, and another great place to look is the Bob and George forums. ^^

    It helps to know what kind of comics you'll be doing when looking for sprites and backgrounds, too, but that really comes into play when you're setting up the comic - you need to pick out the poses, backgrounds, and effects for it, and arrange them (usually in frames) and add text. I just use MSPaint, but some people use various versions of Photoshop, too.

    Sometimes, you'll need to edit sprites and backgrounds, too, and to varying degrees - some people make their own sprites and even backgrounds pixel by pixel, entirely from scratch; others make heavy or moderate edits to create new characters or backgrounds from an old one (or several parts, even from several sprites - a sprite or background made of parts from other existing sprites/backgrounds is called a Frankenstien XD); and then there's minor edits to change something like facial expressions or the position of limbs. Zerostar is an example of a heavier edit - I used the sprite of MegaMan from MegaMan 8 as her base. In F:TSK #26, the Mega Man sprite in frame 3 is a very simple edit - I just pasted his sprite on there and changed his expression. ^^

    ACK!! Sorry I'm so long-winded. >< I just enjoy talking about sprite comics. ^^ If you have any more questions, please feel free to ask. :)
  6. Zerostar Rawr n' Stuff

    Sorry for the double post. =^^=

    So, "new" comics are up. Check the blurb on the main page for information on why it's an April Fool's comic set. ^^;; Fun thing about this update - it's #27, #28, and #29, which means I'm almost at my 30th consecutive comic! YAY! I'm so proud of myself for sticking with the series, even though it's, y'know, all random. ^^

    I was busy today (today = 25th) and yesterday fixing up and reorganizing stuff, largely the Sprites and F:TSK sections. I shifted the News up ahead of the Meet n' Greet, since I wasn't sure anyone was reading it, and there's another comic in the Links list, which I gave a complete overhaul. The F:TSK archive now links to the comics on my Photobucket account, since I ran out of room in my Freewebs account - lousy 50 file limit. *grrr* You may notice the sprites do the same. I also have some banners and buttons for people to use if they'd like - just don't directly link to them, please! Use your own host, like a Photobucket or Ripway account. :)
  7. William Guest

    Wow...Kind of make sprite comics I mean. :confused: Your site does take a long time to load though, and I have cable internet. :( It might just be my computer though.
  8. The Bill tf2 is a good game

    Good job on these. I looking forward to the next bunch of comics.

    Sprite comics get easy to make once you get the hang of it. I thought it looked complicated but I can make them now, (Just not best-ever.)
  9. Zerostar Rawr n' Stuff

    *rushes a little last-minute advertising in*

    Rah rah! F:TSK #30 is up. ^^ Also, new pic at my DA account. Woo!

    It sounds complicated, but it's not really that hard once you get the hang of it. :) The trick is starting small and knowing that your first works are probably gonna stink, so you don't get discouraged. I know MINE were pretty bad. =^^=

    It does? Oo I haven't had a problem with it, but maybe it's the background. I'll take a look-see.
  10. Zerostar Rawr n' Stuff

    *ish back*

    ^(^^)^ #31 and #32 are now up, plus sprite stuffs, and a couple new things can be seen at my dA account. :)
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  11. ProtoJMB Gone

    I loved #31, that was so funny!

    Glad to see you back BTW.
  12. Zerostar Rawr n' Stuff

    Glad to be back. ^^

    As far as my vacation is concerned, I have NO idea when I'm leaving. >> My family sucks at planning. ^^; May be later this week. *shrugs helplessly*

    ANYhoo, #33 is now up. I felt it was time to let Mog do the abusing this time. =3
  13. ProtoJMB Gone

    Lol, I remember you saying that before, didn't you say that last time you went on vacation?. Anyhow this #33 is pretty funny.
  14. Zerostar Rawr n' Stuff

    Thanks. ^^ And, hey - being this disorganized keeps us on our toes, if nothing else. :cool:
  15. Zerostar Rawr n' Stuff


    Well, I was camping, but I have now returned and don't intend to leave for a few days.

    Quick summary of my three-day camping "trip." Drove out to the lake with a clingy, nervous dog in my lap (I have scratches and bruises on my knees from him holding on so tight). Set up, saw bears, deers, and squirrels. Roasted weenies over a fire (yummy =3). Darn near froze to death 'cause we didn't pack enough sleeping bags and blankies. Got warmer, went swimming. Darn near froze to death 'cause the lake is still cold. *t-t-teeth ch-ch-chatter*

    Now I'm seriously sunburnt on my right shin, my shoulders, my upper arms, and my chest and back, because I didn't realize I actually spent the whole afternoon in the sun without putting any sunblock on. I'm in such pain and my skin is so sensitive I can't even lie down to sleep. So, I'm back at home, hiding from the sun. I deserve it for not putting sunblock on, but I STILL DEMAND SYMPATHY! SYMPATHIZE, DAMMIT! >=O My vacation is ruined. T.T
  16. ProtoJMB Gone

    Aww... *Gives sympathy* lol, anyhow, I have only been camping once. It was last year and it was in Arizona. It was a great experience. It's a shame your vacation was ruined. :(

    Oh and it's deer, not deers. lol.
  17. Zerostar Rawr n' Stuff

    *accepts sympathy* :3

    You've only been camping once? O.O At least you had a good time. ^^ We used to have a cabin, so actual camping is more of a recent endevour. One year, my older brother had to go back to the city overnight, meaning he took our only vehicle to get there. Of course, there was a mama bear and two cubs in the campground that year, and their natural food supply was low, so when we had to leave all our food in a flimsy eating tent instead of a nice tough van, the bears ransacked the eating tent and made off with half our food. Left some mightily impressive teeth marks in our coolers, though. O.O

    I know it's deer, I was just being silly. =3

    Oh, I'm feeling better, BTW. My skin's all peeling off, now. It's all blistered and gross, but not sore. YAY! ^(^^)^ (I'm sure you really needed to know that. XD) Doc says to put lots of Nivea creme on it and it'll be hunky dory. :)
  18. SeanFury I can see the venom in your eyes-

    I can't believe I've never read any of your comics Zero, they're really funny =)

    *gives sympathy for your bad camping*

    I hate camping, because I hates bugs and I hate spiders, but I love being outside for some reason.
  19. Alastor Arche sad. :(


    Glad to hear you're doing better. :) Hopefully you'll be able to update again soon. :D
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  20. Zerostar Rawr n' Stuff

    Long time no see. XD

    =^^= Thank you. :)

    *accepts sympathy* :3

    I hate bugs and spiders, too. Bugs more-so than spiders, since spiders at least eat other bugs. And mosquitos are in a whole 'nother catagory. >< My least favorite (aside from 'skitters) are any of those tiny gnat type things. Bleh.

    But enough about bugs! Aside from some peeling, my sunburn's all better now, but I'm suffering from a wicked case of uninspired. ^^; So, this belated update features absolutely nothing at F:TSK, and two sheets-in-progresses.


    Zerostar and Shadowstar 8-Bit
    Whole buncha Blues edits

    I don't really like the cloak dealies at the bottom of the sheet. Which is why I made the ones at the top. ^(^^)^

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