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    The Bolshevik rebellion in Russia was founded upon the ideals of anti capitalist anti fascist philosophies. How then could it have turned into one of the most fascist and imperial states to ever exist? Stalin has ruined the name of communism, and the funniest thing is that he was in no way a communist. The Russia that was hypothetically supped to be created by the revolution was a state that was supposed to be the ultimate nation of good and heroism. The goal of Lenin was the free the lesser nations and states around Russia and help them establish their own governments free of capitalism. He was anti imperialism and wanted nothing more but to create a nation free of the religious monarchy that ruled it for so long. Instead, the nation was stolen by Stalin. He literally used his tiny seat of power to over time absorb bits of power from other seats, without the approval of any of Lenin's supporters he became the most powerful man in Russia and quickly wiped out the competition which included the entirety of the Bolsheviks.

    People associate communism with Stalin, but the fact of the matter is that Stalin was very anti communism, at least the type that his new government was founded upon. He was a fascist through and through, which is the antithesis to the socialist.
    So my question to you, is what do you think would have happened to Russia if Stalin did not take power? Assuming nothing, Russia may or may not have gone through the same industrialization(Which killed millions from the famine is ushered in) but saved the nation against Nazi Germany. Depending on what path you assume the Bolsheviks would have lead Russia down(Or whoever you believe would have been in power in his stead), what do you think would have occurred later on? The cold war? the space race? Russia as a super power at all?

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