Westboro Baptist Church.

Discussion in 'Serious Discussions' started by Nazo, May 6, 2011.

  1. Nazo Moderator


    Now let me get this straight... This church group-lives in the USA-where they are allowed to do what they are doing. Rights and all that. But, they stomp on the American flag, and do stupid shit like this?


    I mean, look at this shit..

    "Thank God for 9/11."
    "Thank God for IEDs"

    What the fuck are these people still doing here in this country? This isn't a fucking religion. It's a goddamn cult-like terrorist group. A bunch of hate spreading, hate mongering beligerant fucks. They're domestic terrorists.

    Freedom to Practice Religion.. Welcome to America.

    I should just make a HUUUUUUUGE banner that will say, "THANK GOD FOR 2012". So if something does happen to us, the banner will be flying in the wind, right on top of this so-called church-or whatever's left of it. Some people just don't deserve life, they abuse it. They waste it.

    They're sole purpose is to make people's lives as miserable as humanly fucking possible. And for what end? They spend all this time judging others and being extreme radicals. Just to HURRRRRR G0D HAET U!1!!!!!1!11 Then they picket military funerals?

    They may not believe in physical violence, but surely... some physical violence should be placed on these... I can't even call them people..
  2. The Liztress Poison Pink

    I'm not a fan of the church at all. I don't agree with any of their views and I do find their methods to be too extreme.

    The reason, I think, they're still here and able to continue on is the simple fact that they have the freedom of speech. It's a damn shame that those who abuse their rights can continue to do so. If you were to suppress their rights, I have a gut feeling that the same rights for those who don't abuse it would be compromised.
  3. Carlo Marx Sunflower Sutra

    From one standpoint I believe that organizations like this accomplish nothing good, but from the other you must respect their views. It is funny that they are protected by the laws of the system they protest. If they really had their wish, these people would not survive for very long.
  4. Nazo Moderator

    I respect nothing that views persons as demons that must be exterminated in the name of God. That is something I simply cannot do. These people simply do not deserve the life they were given.. If they were all killed tomorrow the world would be in a better place, and it wouldn't be in the name of God, but in the good of the people.
  5. Tentei No Mai Bitch Pudding!

    It's wacky how absurd cults can get, huh? I honestly can't consider the Westboro Baptist Cult to be an actual church due to their bullshit, but I guess that's why certain freedoms are a double edge sword.
  6. Carlo Marx Sunflower Sutra

    Because they have different views than yourself? I can not believe I am being forced to defend an anti gay church here, but shit man, that is what makes America what it is. Not hatred and backwardness(Though this is very debatable) but the right to have any belief you want. I am not saying they should be free of any criminal charges that they commit, but the organization itself as a hate group has every right to exist. Not only that, but they SHOULD have the right to exist.
  7. Nazo Moderator

    If wanting people to die just because of who they are, if stomping on a national flag, and if mocking the death of a soldier in the line of duty are considered legit perspectives, than I truly feel sorry for the world we inhabit. That's not the perspective of a rational thinking human being, those are the thoughts of self-righteous buffoons that shouldn't have a place in this world. I do not consider it a belief, it is nothing more than a brainwashing organization made up of undeserving of life trash.

    They SHOULD NOT have a right to exist. Those that they protest against HAVE a right to be treated EQUALLY. Just like the KKK shouldn't be allowed to exist. Extremist Muslims take their religion to the extreme and kill off innocent civilians, they're terrorist who protest it is the will of their God, yet here we are killing them off. To say extremists like the Westboro Baptists Church and the KKK have a right to believe and practice what they want is just like saying terrorists deserve to destroy and kill whatever they want.

    This is not saying ALL Muslims are terrorists. I would not imply such a revolting opinion. The extremists are the ones that should burn in hell. Just like not all Baptists are hate mongering ticks sucking the life out of the country. Just like not all Catholics are cock-sucking pedos. Everyone has their extremists. And those are referred to as terrorists.

    You know, I actually like the communistic views of China. They treat their people well and the people actually like their government. It's the really horrible ones like North Korea that make communism look bad. Honestly in the future, if we make it that far, star ships and all that cool shit, we'll be under one government, and it will most likely be communistic. It gets people to do their part, everyone in the world will do their part to preserve and better mankind. The only things I dislike about China's ways is the censoring of websites and the banning of M-rated video games. >_>
  8. Archangel Sabre Well-Known Member

    Yeah, Westboro Baptist is pretty fucking insane, but I agree with Wiki: they've a right to free assembly and free speech and these rights are considerably more important than anything they might be preaching against.

    Westboro isn't killing or destroying anything. They're just being irl trolls. Comparing them to actual terrorists is retarded.
  9. Nazo Moderator

    The killing was more directed to the KKK part. The church is and has destroyed national flags. And I disagree about it not being equal to a terrorists group. They basically do the same thing, but without the killing. In fact, they're against physical violence, or so they say lol. Comparing them is pretty fair in my opinion.. they promote the killing of innocence and others they deem have no rights.
  10. Carlo Marx Sunflower Sutra

    How do you propose we go around eliminating them? And try and be logical. We can not just hand over the power to eliminate nuisance organizations to the government. Any organization that is not progressive towards what we consider to be the proper path of society will be capable of deletion.

    It is not that I think these people are good. This is not a question for good or evil. There are millions of anti gay people in this country. There are millions of anti military and even anti American people in this country. There are also millions of people that love everyone of all race gender and sexual preference but are just pieces of shit, just as I am positive that there are a lot of good people who are anti gay or anti America. Beliefs hardly define someone. Whether you agree or not, you are incorrect in saying that these people deserve to be taken out because they are proud enough of their beliefs that they are willing to declare them so aggressively. You yourself sound exactly like those nutjobs when you say such things.
  11. Nazo Moderator

    Hmm, fair enough. I did imply it, but I didn't mean it. That's just my opinion of them. They don't deserve the life given to them, but then again, we can't be murderous. At the very least, they should've been charged and arrested. Especially when they stomped on the flag and mocked the deaths of soldiers. They also promoted 9/11. Thanking God for 9/11 and shit like that. We have the freedom of speech, indeed. And the freedom of religion. But there should limits to that. People like this is why corruption spreads. It starts in one area and gets around.

    Honestly, I posted this story to show just how stupid some people can be, rant about it, and to see other's opinions. Like a discussion. I didn't mean for it to get out of hand and be a debate against me. I realize I can be cruel, but only when necessary. Really, though, there's nothing I could suggest to 'eliminate' the problem except to ban shit like this by law, but that would be against the constitution. Sad how we have all these freedoms and it does the opposite effect it should at times.
  12. Carlo Marx Sunflower Sutra

    It is the side effect of having the freedoms that we do. And debates/arguments is what this board is for.
  13. Nazo Moderator

    It's just stupid how people abuse and loophole said freedom. :\
  14. Tentei No Mai Bitch Pudding!

    You will always have those powermongers that do the best they can in order to get what they want no matter how much abuse they have to dish out in order to get it. I bet they would be considered Lawful Evil or Neutral Evil.

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