VG Chat survivors: lost & found

Discussion in 'Under the Marquee Archive' started by The Glum Creeper, Dec 1, 2004.

  1. The Glum Creeper Just another rat fleeing the sinking ship of VGC.

    The SS VG Chat's mast has finally sunken below the horizon and all of us who escaped the tragic and freakin' annoying accident can only mourn those who didn't make it off in time. :dead:

    To all those down-trodden survivors I bring you the VG Chat Survivors: lost & found. A place where us lost souls can try find our friends and/or loved ones in hopes of picking up the pieces.

    (AKA:post your old VGC identity here so we can keep track of ourselves and help us pick up where we left off.)

    I am the reincarnation of Angerion the Brave and the reincarnation of the reincarnation of that lovable rascal Shigosha.

    May we all find our old friends and become alerted to our old enemies as we free load, uh, I mean rebuild here at Game over

    God Bless you SS Game Over, we rats of SS VG Chat thank you from the bottom of our hearts... now where's the cheese?
  2. bazariah everybody knows me

    your post made for hllarious reading.... welcome to GO, enjoy yourself here

    let's hope all our brothers can make it here
  3. William Guest

    I'm William aka Paraschism from VGC, but I'm sure everyone already knew that. :p
  4. The Bill tf2 is a good game

    Read my Name. Good to have you with us. Welcome to GO, Enjoy it here.
  5. OriginalGamer81 Established 1981

    I am OriginalGamer81 aka OriginalGamer81. I came to VGC from GameFaqs about a week before all of the crazy stuff went down. So not many of you know me, but I am here now.
  6. Kadenzza New Member

    I've been on Game Over since its birth back in April. I was Alpha Weapon on VGC.
  7. Corrupt Destination Tomorrow

    That's a really creative way of thinking about this whole situation. I like that.

    I was also here since Game Over's beginning, back when it was PGA... I was Corrupt back at VGC.
  8. William Guest

    This is so cool. A lot of people who I didn't know were here are here, just under different names. I guess it's going to take getting used to.
  9. G-Sides hobag shizzlemah';,

    Well I joined here a while before the boards went down, but for the hell of it, sup.
  10. VicE Something clever.

    I never really posted much back on VGC, but... yeah. I'm here now. This place seems pretty nice.
  11. Dexter Tea Time

    Dexter. You’ll notice me just about anywhere I roam due to my adorable cosplay representation. I think I’ve been here since the beginning, as well.
  12. Reius King of Lions

    Mm...well...about four or so years ago I left VGChat, but if any of you went there that long, then you might...might remember me as the original Kuja. I didn't post much outside of Sim Battling, but I still got to around 200 some odd posts while I was there, so you might've chanced across me...and yeah....
  13. Alastor Arche sad. :(

    Well, I used to be Venom, but the name's taken over here. Eh, I like this one better, anywho. :nerd:

    Far as I know, all my friends have made it over here, except for Metal Sonic Zeta. :(
  14. ProtoJMB Gone

    YAY! It's Shigsy! Welcome... :cool: Well anyhow everyone knows me as Protoman, but I did go under the name CowboyJMB when I very first started going to VGC.
  15. Kadenzza New Member

    Darth Vader, too. ;D
  16. Leper Messiah Whoever hacked my title thinks their hardcore LMAO

    I was Inzo(yeah, that shitty member) over at VGC. Now Im going by this name. Its a Metallica song that I like and I couldnt think of any thing else at that moment.
  17. Richaod Azn pride @

    Pretty self-explanatory, who I am.

    Let's keep GO as far away from a VGC spinoff forum as possible...

    Oh, and survivors? When do I get to start voting people off?
  19. Hyper soul society

    I'm so against threads like this. So you came from VGC, whatever. We know. Put it in your sig or something, its not that big of a deal and you'll be back there as soon as it's back up. :/
  20. Shake It Brother Squeeze my lemon 'till the juice runs down my leg.

    The Kernel (for about 13 days)/Junior Senior.

    So many people from VGChat didn't know I was Shake It Brother here.

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