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Discussion in 'Under the Marquee Archive' started by Tatsu, May 13, 2007.

  1. Tatsu Dragoniac

    I've copied this from anther forum, just hope it doesn't count as spam (and I'm not sure if I posted it in the right section of the forum) but it's a pretty succesfull (over 1000 pages) and interesting thread there. Just tell us what you are doing now, discussions evolve automatically after that.

    I just went home after playing with friends and having some smokes. Now I'm checking the livescores of some football games where I have bets going on while listening to music and reading a book. That sportsbetting thing got me hooked a bit (I'm only investing very small amounts, way under 10 Euros so it won't make any trouble), is anyone doing bets here too?
  2. Cletus Well-Known Member

    I haven't done any "official" betting in the past, but I have had bets on [American] Football with some friends before, it's never really gone very high - maybe fifty dollars at the most.

    Right now I'm doing an Ultra Rank contest in Pokemon Pearl, I don't think I'm going to win this one though, it's looking pretty bad right now. I'm just trying to get another star on my Trainer Card but to do that I need to win every class of the Master Rank contest, and to get into the Master Rank I have to win some Ultra Rank ones.
  3. Tatsu Dragoniac

    I'm also quite new to betting, never invested more than ten bucks. The fun thing is you can combine several bets and make a final bet that all of the results will be scored so you gain extra money. So far it looks good, three of the four teams I put a bet on are winning and the fourth one just scored a goal to egalize 1-1.
  4. Captain Morgan hates YOU!

    We just had a BBQ for dinner, and I just finished eating. Right now, i'm just listening to the new Throbbing Gristle album, and browsing the forums. In a little while, i'll play some Heroes IV, and then some Lunar 2 tonight. Good thread idea btw :)
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  5. Tatsu Dragoniac

    Damit, the last bet will be lost, so no extra win. :(

    Now just reading, being stoned and listening to hip-hop.
  6. Kurama Why you gotta player hate on IG-88?

    I just watched a few episodes of Hokuto no Ken (Fist of the North Star). Still amazed that I managed to download 25 GBs in two days.

    Listening to music and thinking of starting up FL Studio soon here.
  7. Tatsu Dragoniac

    AWESOME, the team I was betting on just scored a game in the last minute, now the whole bet has ended in a good way.

    Chatting with two friends and listening to some more hip-hop.
  8. Captain Morgan hates YOU!

    Listening to Sear Bliss, and trying to zone out. Gonna go grab a drink, and a little more food...then it's off for a little heroes.
  9. ProtoJMB Gone

    Cleaning my room.
  10. Tentei No Mai Bitch Pudding!

    I'm not too stellar with band names and such, so I'm not totally sure who Sear Bliss is. Um...let's see what I'm doing...I was cleaning my Sega Saturn about twenty minutes, so I decided to do some editing on these lyrics I've been working on. I like to write during summer vacation, you know (or don't >_>). Also, I'm window shopping on playasia's website.
  11. Codfish Sacrifice Theory

    I'm playing with my aunt's laptop, and am enjoying it. I'm also filling her computer with more music. She needs better music.

    My mom and I are changing out every single light bulb in this house. This'll be entertaining, yes?
  13. Captain Morgan hates YOU!

    A friend dragged me kicking and screaming into a chat :(

    listening to Plasma Pool also.
  14. Tatsu Dragoniac

    Damit, my bet was still fucked up. Forgot about the fifth game and those suckers lost. :( Now I've investested the last few bucks in a bet on several tennis games going on today.

    Arrived at work about 45 minutes ago, doing my mail from Friday and drinking coffee.
  15. Corrupt Destination Tomorrow

    Brooding, swearing, sitting at my computer typing this, listening to Devin Townsend, swearing, thinking about committing grotesque murders in graphic detail, and just generally being a little ray of sunshine.

    By the way, I just got done shouting "FUCK YOU" approximately thirty times in a row. I think that might be a new record.
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  16. Tentei No Mai Bitch Pudding!

    Hm-hm-hm, I'm watching Lucky Star while listening to, I was playing Soul Hackers a little while ago and I think after I have my laughs with Lucky Star I'll pick out something to wear for today.
  17. Kurama Why you gotta player hate on IG-88?

    Lucky Star, eh? I just watched another episode of the opposite of Lucky Star, Hokuto no Ken.

    The best thing about Lucky Star was the fifth ending, in which CHA-LA HEAD CHA-LA was sung. Very epic.

    As for what I'm doing, I'm hunting down a scanlator for the JoJo's Bizzare Adventure manga, which is still on going.
  18. Tentei No Mai Bitch Pudding!

    Hokuto no Ken (which is awesome) is DEFINITELY the opposite of Lucky Star. And I kind of flipped out when Konata sang Cha-La Head Cha-La 'cause I didn't expect for that song to actually appear. At all. Silly me, I suppose! Um, well...I already picked out an outfit, so now I'm watching Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge. Guess I'll make some breakfast or something in a little bit.
  19. Archangel Sabre Well-Known Member

    When is Lucky Star being released in America, anyhow? >_> I wanna' see that series.

    And right now I'm sitting in homeroom, bored out of my mind and desperately seeking any form of entertainment.
  20. Tatsu Dragoniac

    I'm working hard at the office, still checking the online tennis scores from time to time. So far my bets are ok, 2 games of 4 are over, both won. I'm trembling with excitement... ;) So now more coffee and more work.

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