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    the Lowdown
    So, for those Full Metal Alchemist fans, sorry to dissappoint you, but there will be no FMA characters in this RP, nor can anyone play as them. But more-so, this RP will be using those elements found in FMA (alchemy) and transfering them in real life.

    In this world, alchemy is a born talent, you cannot learn it unless you are born with it, like magic. If you are born with the power of alchemy, upon reaching at least age 13 you will unknowingly and unwillingly use your power, most of the time accidently. When this happens, you/your family has a choice: you can continue going to public schools where you cannot use your powers at all (you get detentions and such) or you can go to an Alchemist Academy which is available for 7th grade through College. An Alchemist Academy teaches regular classes like public schools, but they also train alchemists to use their powers: all the teachers are alchemists as well. Also, if you can use alchemy, in order to reach your full potential, you must have an alchemy circle tattooed onto your body. Finally, most people are only able to alchemize one type of matter, while some others can alchemize two, and very rarely three, which all require sperate markings and tattoos. Obviously, having more alchemy powers will reduce the power of each of them though, to equal out the distribution of power.

    the Background
    This RP is based in the present world and the area will be your basic large suburbia with a large city close by.

    The date is September 3rd, and the first day of school at the Alchemist Academy (grades 9-12). Lots of new students have just arrived, and class doesn't begin until 9:00 am (it's currently only 7:00 am). The school is massive, just think the Xavier Institute in X-Men. It spans about twenty acres in property, surronded by thick walls and tougher-then-steel bars, and lots of woodsy areas and open areas as well (for alchemy practice mainly).

    From the front gate, a long stretch of road leads up to the front steps of the school, or to the left to the dormitories and parking area. As you walk through the huge main doors, you enter a vast hall with a set of doors on each side, massive columns, two sets of stairs on the fair wall, and a desk in front of the stairs. The left door leads to the Science Wing, right to the English Wing, left side of the staircase is the Math Wing, and across from it is the History Wing. Over top of the massive hall, inbetween the Math and History Wings is the Adminstration Office where Principal Mustang is located (yes, I named him after Roy Mustang, NO they aren't the same person).

    Next to the school is the dormatories, which is basically a four story apartment building. Each floor has it's own Rec Room, set of bathrooms, and common room. All the rooms have electricity, working bathrooms, televisions, and computers. Most rooms will have two people, some will have three.

    Students are not permitted to leave the campus without a teacher or guardian.

    the Class Breakdown
    Sadly, due to the fact that there won't be a lot of RPers, I had to cut down on all the classes so that EVERYONE will have the SAME classes. Sorry.

    On the lower left side of the school is the Science Wing, which is obviously where the science classes are, and there are seven diffrent classes: Alchemy, Biology, Astronomy, and Chemistry.

    On the lower right side, is the Language Arts Wing which is composed of: English, British Literature, German, and Folk Literature and Mythology.

    On the upper right side is the History Wing, composed of: History, U.S. History, World History, and Sociology.

    On the upper left side is the Mathematics Wing, which is: General Math, Algebra, Geomatry, and Calculus.

    Outside the back of the school is where the Physical Education/Health class meets.

    9th Grade: Alchemy, English, History, General Math, Gym, Creative Writing, Computers, and AP Alchemy
    10th Grade: Biology, British Literature, U.S. History, Algebra, Gym, Creative Writing, Computers, and AP Alchemy
    11th Grade: Astronomy, German, World History, Geomatry, Gym, Creative Writing, Computers, and AP Alchemy
    12th Grade: Chemistry, Folk Literature and Mythology, Sociology, Calculus, Gym, Creative Writing, Computers, and AP Alchemy

    Elective Classes
    Creative Writing (I-IV), Computers (I-IV), and AP Alchemy (I-IV).

    Since this RP is Freshman only right now, I'm only going to put up Freshman period schedule and this is the ONLY schedule. Everyone will be following this.

    Period 1- Physical Education
    Period 2- English
    Period 3- Computers I
    Period 4- Math
    Period 5- History
    Period 6- Creative Writing I
    Period 7- Alchemy
    Period 8- AP Alchemy I

    Profile Submitting
    Age: 13 or 14, or unless you want a character who failed grades, 15-17


    Grade: ONLY Freshman (9th grade)
    Alchemy: Anything you want. From controlling fire to making metal spikes to being telekinetic to etc.
    Tattoo: What does it look like and where is it.
    Weapon: If your character has a weapon in their dorm (as you can't bring it to school)


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