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  1. I'e seen 8 of your posts and i already don't like you at all.
  2. Rorschach New Member

    Get over it.
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  3. I will when you stop flaming everyone and what they say.
  4. Rorschach New Member

    I haven't "flamed" anyone, whatever that means. If you deigned to read my post at all, you would see that I didn't specifically address anyone. A topic was made, and just as every other person before me, I posted an on-topic perception of it. It's not my fault that I think Sudoku is on par with Tic-Tac-Toe, nor is it being intentionally combative when I state this.

    If you disagree with me, gain the fortitude to voice said disagreement. If you don't have it, shut up. It's really that simple.
  5. chaleur spectrale flori veştejite

    If you don't know what flaming is, how do you know you haven't done it? You aren't going to last long here.
  6. I would try to have an intelligent conversation with you, if you showed any sign of intelligence.

    But fine, if you insist, I disagree with your perception of sudoku. It has been proven time and time again of actually hel;ping the brain work better on day to day life. I have never once seen tic-tac-toe do that. And if you don't mind my saying, if you aren't willing to suck up insults and critism yourself, you need to, for lack of better wording, get the fuck out.
  7. Reasonable Addition Wrong Answer

    Well he was just posting his opinion about the game, even if it seems arrogant, I don't see that he said anything ''stupid'' or insulting.
    You're closer to flaming him then he is. :/
  8. Rorschach New Member

    Proven by what? What aspects of daily life has it been shown to benefit? Cite?

    That a simple game has been a warranted distraction, and sadly helpful to those numerous denizens of lesser intelligence proves nothing of its merits as a game, its comparable benefits in comparison to other games, nor its quality. This, taken in its entirety means nothing, nor does it argue in favor of Sudoku's alleged merits.
  9. ' "Just as the body benefits from activities such as sit-ups and swimming, the brain builds its muscles through a variety of mental activities, whether it's Sudoku sprints or Monopoly marathons," said Scott Craven of the Arizona Republic. So, in other words, exercising the brain can actually help the brain produce new cells. This gives new light to the notion "if you don't use it, you lose it." A study published in the July 1998 issue of Neuroscience magazine showed that rats that were given a difficult water maze to complete actually produced a chemical in their brain that catalyzes cell production. While it may seem like common sense to rest the brain after a long period of mental activity, as one would rest the body during halftime of a sporting event, it seems that studies have shown that "using the mind actually causes rewiring of the brain, sprouting new synapses -- it may even cause the generation of new neurons," said Joseph Coyle, a professor of psychiatry and neuroscience at Harvard Medical School, in a Washington Post article titled "Mind games may trump Alzheimer's." '

    I have actually found a new found concentration from a day to day basis, f I do a sudoku every night. It has helped me understand things I am studying in my own time (Binrual beats and their affect on brainwaves being one of those). Sudoku works very well to create a new found memory and concentration in everyone I know who do them.
  10. Rorschach New Member

    Ahahaha. This is your proof that Sudoku improves brain activity? An offhand comment, haphazardly mentioning two board games?

    For future reference, when I say "proof" I'm actually referring to actual proof. Like, you know, a scientific study that presents reproducable evidence of whatever argument you're attempting to make. You offered an unsubstantiated quote. When I ask for a "cite" I don't only want whatevermagazine or lazy wikipedia article you happened to copy and paste, I want a link, that I myself can go to and quantify as biased, or objective. Again, you offered an unsubstantiated quote.

    That's nice. It's also nice that Sudoku is not so much as mentioned in this entirely unrelated blotch of text. Try again.

    Seeing as how you said yourself in the chatbox that you're a slow learner, I'm not sure why you expected this to mean anything to anyone but yourself.
  11. chaleur spectrale flori veştejite

    As far as I can see...

    ...he (Rorschcunt) is basically just that: a huge...gaping cunt. Out of his limited posts, I have yet to see one that isn't egotistical and unpleasant. He reeks of unwarranted self-importance.

    These are not good things for a newb. Not good.
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  12. Reasonable Addition Wrong Answer

    I guess not, but still. Why can't people get along? :(
  13. I tried. its not my fault if he disagrees with everything we all stand for.
  14. Rorschach New Member

    I thoroughly enjoyed the part of this post where you summarily dissiminated my arguments with thought out, factual points. I know who to watch out for when someone thinks to disagree with me from now on.
  15. chaleur spectrale flori veştejite

    I don't know, let's ask Mister Congeniality.

    Due to the fact that I was stating my opinion of you, factual points would not have been possible. :-*
  16. Archangel Sabre Well-Known Member

    I like you already. I think we're going to get along just fine. ^_^

    As far as Sudoku is concerned: It's a simple game with a simple premise that improves one's intelligence as well as any simple logic based game might, and that isn't a lot. Until some type of study can be conducted on the topic, I'd say you'd be better off playing Sudoku for fun than for the purpose of heightening your IQ.
  17. I never said anything about Iq, because 1). You can't raise an IQ level, its a sert level and 2). I'm not interested in how high my IQ is, I'm interested in how well you use it. And though I do not like Ror, I do have to commend his intelligence.
  18. Reasonable Addition Wrong Answer

    You said he had no sign of intelligence a bit higher though lol. :p
  19. Rorschach New Member

    Are you saying that humans lack the capacity to either learn, or that they can't alternate and, in fact, improve their deductive or cognitive capabilities? If so, that is absolutely wrong. Also, IQ determines nothing and it is NOT in fact at a set level, which is why giving a 5 year old Jimmy an IQ test will yield different results than giving 15 year old Jimmy one, as well as 25 year old Jimmy.

    To say that intellect doesn't alternate or improve is to fundamentally deny the act of learning itself.
  20. Archangel Sabre Well-Known Member

    No, it isn't.

    Don't make me go further into this, because I really don't feel up for it.

    I was using IQ as something of a metaphor for Intelligence level, since that's technically what an IQ is supposed to symbolise.

    I noticed my mistake after posting, but I was too lazy to correct it. I probably would've been better just saying "intelligence."

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