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  1. PKT Forever /a/lone

    This is similar but different than what's in the other thread.


    You guys are ex-marines recruited to unnofficial public safety organization....
    Your team's are individually referred to as "Splinter Cell's"....
    No one's allowed to see you...
    No one's allowed to notice you...
    All traces of your existance have been erased...
    blah blah blah

    Basically your like a secret ninja-marine guy who secretly works for the gov'...
    Your mission is to recover some stolen files...Take out the General, Leader, and Founder of the Rogue Army... And Of Course go Unnoticed. You arrive outside of a desert town in New Mexico.....The time is 7-4-1987...
    Sgt Spike(on Radio)-The base is Underground you have to find the entrance in a home in the northwest section of town. I suggest you take the rooftops to get to that part of town... You are being breifed somewhere in the south part of town.


    Your "tools" will be a silence pistol (24/07), a tranquilizer gun, piano wire and a of course the items from the game. Exceptions to game items: No hacking tools. You have Memory wipe spray.

    "There are grenades and flash grenades. You also have a sticky camera that makes a noise to lure a gaurd. Then you can either leave the camera view and kill him, or you can use the sleeping gas that's in the camera. There's also a sticky shocker, which shocks anyone who gets hit with it, and airfoil rings, which can knock out enemies if fired at his head. All three of these are attachments for the SC-20K launcher."

    Also a small item teleporter....


    If you are noticed BY ANYONE except who you are expressly to not to kill... you have Silence them
    Avoid Cameras, Dogs, and Sensing devices.
    Friends can easily turn out to be enemies.
    Teams can consist of one to two person teams...(you are creating your team not just your character)
    Don't forget to interrogate people
    No magic, faeries, etc ...duh


    Name-Spike Walworth
    (opt)Race-American(your character has to be I think...)
    (opt)Ethnic Background-(Irish-German, Native American)
    (opt)Background-He's fought in a recent war. He's gotten many people out of tricky situations. Prefers the use of non-lethal weaponry. He reads manga in his free time Especially Naruto. He compares himself to Kakashi.
    Intelligence-Above Average(don't be afraid to put below-average or dumb as long as you compensate it with other skills.)
    Weapons-mace, smoke grenade, chaff grenade, (special) chocolate bar, tranquilizer gun, Speciallized Calculator,
    Skills-Specializes in dealing with Electronics ,Metal and Wood.
    (opt)Languages-English, Spanish, Japanese
    Favorite Color-Green(the color of circuit boards)

    ""Real" name: Michael J. Caboose(and I. Hate. Babies.) No, not really. I'd lawl though. Let's go w/ Anonymous. Yeah, that's it. (I'll change it later because I haven't any decent names as of yet. Bleh.)

    Agent name: Arkas, SC-1, or, on rare occasion, Boss (you can argue w/ me over that all you like. I don't have to be in charge.)
    Specialties: Ranged sniping, silent entry, brutal but clean kills, enhanced hacking knowledge (if anyone thinks that's too many things to be excessively proficient @, make it known).
    Age: Early 30's
    Looks/Image: Relatively lean, but solid muscle foundation. Dark brown, nearly black hair. Cold, dark brown eyes.
    Personality: All about balancing teamwork and getting the task done efficiently and stealthily, but not against using brutal force and explosives if required."

    Has Tacticle Sniper Rifle. Lockpicking Ability.

    Real name: Zack Ahmed
    Agent name: Z, or Junior.
    Specialties: Close combat with both lethal and non-lethal weapons, acrobatic, fast, can hack computers, locks, etc., lock picking, interrogating terrorists, and can get out of any situation.
    Age: 31
    Looks/image: muscular, but non massive, around 5'11", 154 lbs., black, short hair.

    Has Tazer(also stuns). Good with animals.

    [Night Hawk]
    Real Name: Ritz Harild Uryel
    Agent Name: Azraiel & SC-7
    Specialties: Stealth and assassination, lacks in hacking abilty without electronic aid.
    Age: 27
    Looks: Besides the normal Splinter Cell attire he has a rare shade of violet in his eyes. Fairly short, but not incredibly short deep brown hair, clean shaven, medium build and height.
    Personality: What one would describe as a little 'out there'. What he lacks in a stable personality he makes up for in abilty. Which is probably the only reason he's still around.

    Has great agility, instinct. Specialized Calculator[minor hacking skills].

    [Grave Wisdom]
    "Real" name: unknown

    Agent name: Grave, GW-1, or, "Mr. Asshole"

    Specialties: Ranged sniping, silent entry, brutal but clean kills, excellent strategist

    Age: early/mid 20's

    Looks/Image: Relatively lean, but solid muscle foundation.Long dark brown hair ,Emerald green eyes.

    Personality: Works fine alone, but even better in a team setting. He prefer's quick battles, but he's more than prepared for the long-term. Despite a reputation as an "asshole" he cares deeply about his team-mates, and would do anything to help them survive.

    Has leadership/counseling abilities. Training with most weapons. Laser Cutter.

    Mission/Other Details

    The Rogue Army is pretty much a mystery...
    They have several hostages(12)...A doctor(Spike's Friend), Melissa Kiuchuki(One of you guys), 3 Scientists (Bob, Bill and Robert Zenomski),
    And Some of the friends and family of diplomats, a general, and the president.

    Items at the base-Memory erasure capsules, Silenced guns(including Shotguns),

    Other things you have-Suits that can hide you completely in almost any shadow. Goggles that give you optical input(analysis, copying data, maps.)
    You have a backpack in a manner of speaking

    Things to consider- You haven't left base yet(it's an inconspicuous van)
    That Suit and all the other stuff you can't leave there (remember, you don't officially exist) but the stuff you find however...you can.
    You can combine items
    The more stuff you carry the less mobility you have.
    You can do more stuff than you can in the game.

    Skills you already have...
    Highly-Trained Close-Quarters Combat Skills
    You can survive extremes

    By The Way Towels can help you grab hot objects, Use ziplines or similar things, bend prison doors, put ether on peoples faces to knock them out, filter out poisonous gases, etc...There's a lot you can do with them.

    You all stealthily make it to the north side of town which is full of people. It soon becomes apparent that theres a party of some sort. You then remember the day is the Fourth of July. There are fireworks in the air so the rooftops will be brightly lit in about a half an hour. However the alleyways should be vacant as this is an event no one will want to miss. You all look around for awhile and find some guys standing outside of a small building with guns....

    Spike[on radio]-If you go straight fo them there's a 88% chance that they'll notice you and that's not something we'd want as a crowd could gather quickly. Arkas you should...

    Just then the radio cuts out it seems that they have jammers setup. You spot some other buildings around and a rear entrance surrounded by 9-foot tall fence. Within the fence's bounds there are six vicious dogs. There's a pad locked gate on one side. You also spot a large antenna on the roof.
  2. Darth Arkas RC-1138

    "Dammit!" Arkas swore under his breath. "They're probably jamming us. I can't figure out why though. No one knows we're doing anything. Bunch of paranoid assholes... Regardless, we've got to move. Hopefully, these guards will be watching the slated fireworks and not much else. It's fairly dark out right now, so we'll have that much cover. Don't count on it lasting forever though. We've got a 30 min time window to get our asses inside, but I want to be back in here before then."
    "I see a pack of dogs inside the fence. Our best bet is to get in and hope they like Z enough not to bark and/or try to eat our faces or bite us in the ass. Mr. Asshole, when we get out of the van, I want to know where everyone that could possibly spot us is, and get me a scope on them. If they decide to think they see something that looks like us and are quite willing to make noise about it, I want them quietly bleeding out where they stand. No questions asked. I'll pick the lock and get us inside, but I swear if those dogs try somethin', I'm gonna break something. Z, do whatever you need to to be friends w/ them. Since we're being jammed, we stay together unless there's a damn good reason to scatter. Quiet voices and hand signals only. Silenced weapons, and make sure bodies get stuffed in corners no one will look till we're long gone. No fingerprints either: Everyone keeps gloves on at all times. You'll live."
  3. PKT Forever /a/lone

    One of the guards walks fast toward an adjacent building for some odd reason holding his backside...leaving his gun. He says "¡Tengo que utilizarlo, gravemente!" as he disappears into the darkness of an alley.
    The words "Crap del amperio hora voy a tener que utilizar mi mano para el ascendente limpio." can be heard coming from the alley way. The other guard says "¿Hey mueves hacia atrás bien allí? Crap, jefe nos matará si él te encuentra hacia fuera abandonó tu poste como eso." He then leaves toward the back in search of TP.[leaving his gun]...

    Side note-Tranquilizer Darts work in the Sniper Rifle. Those dogs are kept so very hungry as you can see. I'll play people that aren't on for now.
  4. Lithium <font color="hotpink">Writing On The Walls and Fir

    OC: People that arn't on are generally thought to just follow the group or do whatever without words... soo... no God modding please outside of minor actions? *such as following*

    IC: While SC-1, Arkas was busy giving order to the rest of the team code name Azraiel A.K.A. SC-7, under Arkas' command was busy messing with his item pack and sorting through avalible weapons in the back of the Van to take with him. His pack was full with his standard issue frag grenades and other such items... he took two out and dropped them in GW-1's lap. Mumbling something about slowing him down as he did so. He then passed a flash grenade off to Z, assumably of the GW team but he had never gotten his number so he wasn't sure.
    He holstered his silenced pistol. He would need this... he took up two of the bottles of the capsules and pocked them in place of the grenades... which he had one frag and two flash left respectivly. The launcher was too big for this time frame unfortunatly. He frowned to himself about that but there was nothing to be done. He need to be mobile and agile. Too much would slow him down. He grabbed a knife and sheathed it on his person's before joining the rest of the team outside the van in the shadows. He looked over at Arkas, smirked slightly "Hope you can keep up..." he whispered.
  5. Zackapple Express khdahahfdiahkai fka

    Z saw SC-7 going through the bags for weapons. It was his first time with the "big leagues". He checked his FN Five-seveN pistol and its silencer. He then checked ammunition for the weapon. Just enough.

    Because it was his first time, he did not recieve the SC-20K. Nor did he recieve its attachments. It was alright with him. He was nervous enough with the pistol.

    Located in a pouch behind him was his knife. He put his pistol back in his right pocket. In his left pocket was a tazer and smoke and flash grenades. He gets gloves form the compartment in front of him.

    GW-1 and SC-1 are still thinking up a game plan. He sits back and waits. He's, hopefully, ready.
  6. Darth Arkas RC-1138

    Arkas ran a triple check through his weapon and gear loadout. Knife, SC-20K Launcher, sniper and grenade launcher attachments, pistol and silencer, ample ammo and 2 extra clips for each weapon, medical supplies, lockpick kit, non-lethal rounds for the SC-20K. He performed a quick suit check, ran through his goggle's vision modes, and that was it.
    He whispered back to Azraiel "I don't have to be extremely fast to remain unnoticed. I just have to be quiet and wait for my kill to walk past me. It's a simple concept."
    He turned to the rest of his team and muttered in an undertone "This is it boys. Those dogs look hungry. Z, appease them. If they ask you for Asshole's head, ask them how they like their brains, and what color platter they prefer to be served from."
  7. PKT Forever /a/lone

    One of the guards walks towards the back and he notices Z and starts to grab his weapon.
  8. Zackapple Express khdahahfdiahkai fka

    "Sir", The guard said. "You cannot be back here."

    "You speak english! Good. I was sort of lost. I was wondering where this bar is", Z said.

    "Bar? There are tons of bars here, my friend", the guard said as he eased off his weapon.

    "I know. But my friend is in one of the bars, and I don't know which one."

    "He did not tell you?", the gaurd asked with an accent.

    "No. Can you help me?", Z asked.

    "Of course, amigo. Actually there is a very big bar over there". He points to the right.

    "Can you show me?", Z asked.

    "Follow me, amigo." As he turned around, Z checked back to make sure no one was looking. He then slowly went behind the guard and grabbed his neck. The guy was huge, but nothing Z couldn't handle. As he grabbed the guard's neck, with his left hand, he took out his knife and put it over the guy's throat. "Oh...shit!", the guy said.

    "Shut up and keep cool, or I'll have to kill you", said Z. "How many guards are outside?"

    "Eleven! Please don't kill me!", the guard cried.

    "Then calm down!", Z said in a harsh voice. "What's so important inside that building you were standing in front of."

    "Nothing!", the gaurd said nervously.

    "That wasn't the answer I wanted..", Z said. He then put the knife closer to the guard's throat.

    "AH! FUCK! Okay, okay! There are some hostages in that building. But you can't get in there. It's impossible!"

    "I bet it is", Z said. He then started to choke the guard. The guard started to squirm and gag. After a few minutes, the guard stopped moving. He was only unconcious and will get his bearing back in a few hours. Enough time.

    "Now for those dogs", Z said.
  9. Captain Morgan hates YOU!

    OOC: Y'know, maybe I should've went first. Now i'm confused on how I should reply :/

    IC: "This is Grave everyone. What the hell's going on down there?"
  10. PKT Forever /a/lone

    OC:Are you using the radio? They are jamming the signals. If only some would use some kind of cutting device on their signal wire(the wire is electrified). :p
  11. Darth Arkas RC-1138

    OOC: ...Dude, unless the wire is directly sittin' right there on the fence, we have to get inside to disable the damn thing. And Grave you didn't put in that you were still referring to yourself as "Grave" in this thing. Either get it right the 1st time, or GTFOver it and suck it up. Asshole.
    Regardless, I'm going to wait for at least 1 more person to make their post before I go. I'm trying not to leave anyone out that's posted and said they'll RP.
  12. PKT Forever /a/lone

    OOC:The wire is not connected to the fence. You guys may not have figured it out so I'll tell you the building is too small to have everything you need in it. I don't plan on makin' this a "walk in the park" but I also don't plan on making it "hell on a stick".

    IC:Spike-Darn it! I thought some one would have fixed the problems with this radio by now. Guess I'll have to go in.
    Spike leaves the van and locks it tightly. He notices the KO'd guard and uses the memory wipe spray on him assuming it was on of his guys that did this. Just then the other guard walks out of the alleyway. Spike notices this and hides behind a corner. The guard gets curious and walks around the corner...BLAMO. Spike donkey punches the guy and hit 'em with the memory wipe spray. He proceeds to hide their bodies in a dumpster in the alleyway.
    He then starts to look for the rest of the guys and if possible a solution to the jamming. He notices Z around the corner and gives him the code word. They tell each other what happened and continue looking for a way in. Spike uses his metal working skills(using the knife and gloves) on the barbed wire and stows some away for later use.

    OOC: When I said no hacking devices I meant that they weren't standard. Night Hawk and I can do it though.
  13. Lithium <font color="hotpink">Writing On The Walls and Fir

    OOC: Grave, since the radios were down I'm assuming you were still in the van getting equipment...but your right you shoulda gone first. Anyway.

    IC: "That's just wonderful. Junior here's been discovered already..." Azraiel laughed quietly to himself... "What kinda of idiot guards do they have that give directions to a guy in a spy suit?" He looked over toward Arkas. "Ah, well...command. Z there and the communications officer seem to have taken off the other way..." He then said under his breathe 'They really need designation numbers' before continuing on, "And as long as the communciation are jammed, the later is very unhelpful in that job. Anyway..." He trailed off and began to look around muttering something unaudible with the radios down to himself. Then he smiled broadly as Arkas looked over at him. A gleam lit up in Azraiel's eyes. "Alright boss, I think I got away in." He pointed over toward the outhouse the guard had gone in earlier. After looking back at SC-1 he continued on. "You see that balcony? There's a guard patroling there, and it's located directly above that facility. It may be away in, considering the electrical pipes going up to side of both we should be able to scale the wall." Crouched, Azraiel snuck up to just outside the visable light, staying well hidden in the shadows where no one could see him he took cover against a thin wooden wall and a trash dumpster.
    "Now then, let's just hope GW-1 can keep his squad together." He then said in a clearly false English accent.
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  14. PKT Forever /a/lone

    OOC: Everyone's outside of the van.
    IC:Spike climbs up the pipe and throws a smoke grenade. Just then....
  15. Darth Arkas RC-1138

    Arkas flipped on his night vision goggles, glanced around at the other agents and hand signaled them to stay w/ GW-1, then moved out after SC-7, crouched down so he remained silent. He passed by unnoticed, moving to 7's position. W/ a nod, they simultaneously looked around both sides of the outhouse. A guard approached the outhouse door, which was completely in shadow. Arkas snuck around behind the guard, stood up and grabbed him swiftly, drawing his knife and pressing it to the guard's throat.
    He growled in the guard's ear "Keep your voice down, or I'll give you a really close shave. And it won't be smooth..." He walked backwards deep into the shadows. "7, watch our back, and keep an ear tuned to this guy, so he doesn't have to repeat anything. You, I want to know everything even remotely important you can come up w/ that's related to this building. Anything even remotely useful, you tell me, or I'll water the grass w/ your blood. First off, you can tell me how many of your buds are in and around this facility. Then, you can tell me how to shut down that damn jammer you paranoid people have set up. And we'll go from there. But if you scream or tell me you don't know, you're dead. Understand?"
  16. Lithium <font color="hotpink">Writing On The Walls and Fir

    Azraiel smiled to himself as AK 'spoke' with the guard. He watched the grounds before them closley from the shadows, watching each patrol as they moved along their duties. The guard was talking a bit loud... "Keep it down if you don't want a bullet to join your treasures down there..." he spoke silently over his shoulder.

    Smoke was going off somewhere nearby. No dought the other squad. "Arkas..." He said cooly. "I believe someone has done something... I don't remember being issued smoke grenades."
  17. Darth Arkas RC-1138

    He swore under his breath. "7, I don't think this guy thinks we're serious. Why don't you 'encourage' him just a lil, make him feel more 'comfortable' or somethin', eh?" W/ that, Arkas' grip tightened on the knife, he pressed it more firmly against the man's exposed throat, and slid it a half hair's distance along his skin.
    "Oh dear, I'm sorry. Glad I caught myself dozing there. You might've almost had a flesh wound there. Terrible thing to happen to such a cooperative guy..."
  18. Lithium <font color="hotpink">Writing On The Walls and Fir

    "Okay! Okay!" The guard answer quickly.
    Azraiel's hand slipped down toward his gun, "Keep it down already..."
    The guard lowered his voice... there's 6 outside on this area that I know of... it's my first day! Please don't hurt me."
    Azraiel moved toward Arkas. "We should go before that smoke draws anymore attention..."
  19. PKT Forever /a/lone

    OOC: Yeah I guess I shouldn't do that for awhile. Yawn.
  20. Darth Arkas RC-1138

    Arkas nodded and swiftly brought his arm across the man's throat, cutting off the circulation. He held it there momentarily, waited for the struggling to subside and man to lose consciousness, then he set him down against the fence, squirted a quick spray of the memory serum up the guard's nose, then walked off, careful to stay silent.
    He made a few hand signals to SC-7 to move out and meet him over by the piping. Arkas himself then crouched back down and moved along quietly, ensuring that he stayed out of the relatively scant light and mentally marked all conscious bodies so that he knew where they were in his vision range.

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