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Discussion in 'The Arena' started by Seraph, Dec 2, 2004.

  1. Seraph [\\Heretic at your Service//]

    Okay people, Roll-call to those of you from VGC. We need to decide upon what to do, please post when you can.

    This is Lunair/Deus Ex Aetas.
  2. Dragon X Crimson assault!

    Same username

    Battlers: Dragon X and Natsume
  3. Reius King of Lions

    Hey Lunair! Haven't seen you in quite a long amount of time. Remember me? Good idea about giving me some idea of who transferred and who was originally at G.O. I suppose that you will be trying to help out a lot?
  4. Tons-o-Fun >>┬▒Bringer Of Death┬▒

    I'm from VGC, Apocalypse101
  5. PaintItBlack/Ace here. I'm going to do whatever to help recovery, as always.
  6. Kuraikitsune Final Fantasy, it consumes my life...

    Hi! Same name, same battler...
    Nice to see you all again. I'll do what I can to help out here. And... I've gotten better, too. It'd be nice to see this place up and running again. :D
  7. same name from vgc
  8. Seraph [\\Heretic at your Service//]

    Yes, I remember you Nicodemus. I will be a large part of this, I am sure. We all need to decide what to do I'd say, once the VGC issue is resolved or given up upon, so I figured I'd get everyone here to discuss it.
  9. Reius King of Lions

    The possibility that VGC will come to full potential again isn't something worth discussing right now as it may be some time. However, if VGC does reopen it's doors, do you all plan to abadon G.O. and flock back? Also, how many more people can I expect? Names or rough esitmates....
  10. I just need a place to post my battles, it doesn't matter to me where they are. As long as we get some battlers organized, staying here or moving anywhere is fine. If we got enough people interested and rallied enough support, creating our own sim board wouldn't be out of the question. But if activity is reminiscent of that at VGC at this latest juncture, anything could be terribly difficult to do.
  11. Reius King of Lions

    I'm contimplating asking Sabre to grant you an assistant moderator position, Lunair. I've spoke well of you to him, or at least made a mention of you that gave you a good name. I'll see what I can't do. I can always use another hand around here, but there will be certain restrictions you have. If all hope for VGC becomes lost, then I will bump you up the ladder without a doubt. What is you opinion?
  12. Kuraikitsune Final Fantasy, it consumes my life...

    If this place develops into a n00b-free zone with a prestigious Sim Battle area development, screw VGC; I'm staying here. I haven't had a decent battle in so long... I suppose I'll stay here, even if VGC opens up again. I'll still visit it, of course... but only until I finish those battles. Again, though, if this proves to be a Sim Battle heaven... I'm sure not many veteran Sim Battlers will leave.
  13. Reius King of Lions

    I wouldn't say it's going to be a haven for veterans, but I know that Lunair and I have some skills, and there are a few others that I recognize from VGC that had, as I remember, a decent amount of skill. Also, I want to go to VGS and see if I can't find Nido...just to see what he is up to.
  14. Nid was at VGC at least for a while before it went under. I had a battle going with him, but he kind of went inactive on it. He was going under the name "Lost My Halo." If he ever decides to continue our battle and tries looking for the site, he'll be redirected here. I hope CG and Strike find their way here as well, they're two of my all time favorite battlers. Wouldn't be the same without them.
  15. Seraph [\\Heretic at your Service//]

    I'll direct Strike here, aswell as reiterate the fact to DK that this place exists.

    As for Assistant mod, I wouldn't mind it. I was voted Mod last time, and I do believe I did an okay job. If you want the help, I surely will. And um isn't Sabre a female? lol.
  16. Reius King of Lions

    No. Sabre is...a long story...but his physical gender is male.
  17. Dark Saki Hanajima

    Sabre's lying.

    I've only had about one sim battle so far with Sean Fury, but even he never finished that. :D
  18. Reius King of Lions

    Most of the time, not finishing a battle is finishing...depending on the set rules. See, if you were the last to post an attack, and your opponent doesn't reply with one in less then two weeks, then you would win. That's the system I chose to use here.

    Oh, and Seraph. I forgot to make mention of it, not that you can't tell, but you are now the Assistant Moderator of the Arena, courtesy of Sabre. Like I said, you have limitations, but if you plan to stay, then you will be bumped up a notch on the Sim Battle Ladder. So, stick with us.
  19. Seraph [\\Heretic at your Service//]

    I tend to not want to win by default. Either they win, I win, or the battle falls into the horde of forgotten threads. I don't really care for winning unless my character had bested their's.
  20. Yeah, hardly anyone keeps track of records anymore. It's too difficult when most battles don't finish. I'm sure this plague of unfinished battles started when everyone began to take a stronger approach from the writing standpoint. It's much more difficult to write up replies frequently when they take you an hour or more to write up fully.

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