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Discussion in 'Sabredog - Ground Floor' started by Sabreydoo, Nov 27, 2004.

  1. Sabreydoo all praise their sacrificed sons

    Okay, so here's where you request for a corner of the board for yourself. (*) marks necessary fields.

    Proposed apartment name (*):
    Proposed description:
    Proposed moderators (*):
    Reason we should give it to you (*):

    If a member with administrative powers approves of the idea, they will then give you the apartment. (Note to admins: Make sure that post counts and point ascensions are off, that the moderators don't change their usergroups (select "DO NOT CHANGE USERGROUP"), and that "can physical remove posts" is active.)
  2. Whoops. Here goes:

    Proposed Apartment Name: Sparks-Games Workshop Discussion

    Proposed Description:A place to discuss Mainstream and specialist Games Workshop games (No Forge World, please)

    Proposed Moderator: Me

    Reason: I want to give this board a taste of what I like. I hopefully want to get some of you interested in it, too. Whether it be LOTR, WH 40k, or plain old WH, or any specialist game.
  3. Kadenzza New Member

    Proposed apartment name: fnool - the asylum's exterior
    description: the hood for all the true nigz.
    moderators: n/a for obvious reasons
    reason: I've been at these boards since their creation way back in april. I might not have always been the most competent member, but I still contribute-- I've made about eight hundred posts on these boards in total (not counting areas which don't count). This is going to be a proper weblog about me, where I'll park all my new photos of myself, diary entries, musical and gaming reviews, and rants at members i don't like (the latter won't be often, hopefully). I don't want to sound too cocky, but I reckon I've done enough to deserve one of these.
  4. Dark Saki Hanajima

    Proposed apartment name: Dark- The Night Room
    Proposed description: Anything you want.
    Proposed moderators: Dark
    Reason we should give it to you: I'm a mod, a regular, and a dedicated member. I've also been wanted this type of board for a long time.
  5. Proposed apartment name (*): Two-Thousand And Four
    Proposed description: This apartment will be used to 'house' my new novel, 'Two-Thousand And Four', an adaptation of 'Ninteen Eighty-Four', by George Orwell, but with a unique twist: All the main characters are GO users!
    Proposed moderators (*): Me.
    Reason we should give it to you (*): It's a novel. About the site. Go!
  6. Madness Goober King

    Proposed apartment name: Madness Advanced
    Proposed description: Off Off-Topic
    Proposed moderators: Madness
    Reason we should give it to you: Bah, I can't think of a good reason, just give me one.
  7. Angelwing Sine dubio, instantatum

    Proposed apartment name: Angelwing - Reverie
    Proposed description: Creations gallore amoung other things.
    Proposed moderators: Angelwing
    Reason we should give it to you: Because I love j00 guys
  8. Leper Messiah Whoever hacked my title thinks their hardcore LMAO

    Proposed apartment name: Leper Messiah-The Paranormal
    Proposed description: Discuss any topics from the Paranormal
    Proposed moderators: Leper Messiah
    Reason we should give it to you: Ever since v*g*c has gotten screwed over, I came here. Since the board is a lot better than v*g*c, I'll be staying around here for a very long time. I know that William has this over at v*g*c, but that was going to be my topic for when I got one.
  9. D Virus Voice of Pale

    Proposed apartment name: VX-13
    Proposed description: Role Playing Board
    Proposed moderators: Angelwing and D Virus
    Reason we should give it to you: I still want a blog of my own. With any weird coincidence, it'll end up as my old one did. Besides, this site needs a role playing area.
  10. Reius King of Lions

    Name: Nicodemus's Elite
    Description: A clan for true simmers to indulge in the art of Sim Battling. Training available for people who want to learn the ways of the old school Sim Battler! All people welcome!
    Moderator(s): Nicodemus
    Reason to Give it to Me: because you love me? Not doing it for you? Okay...because I think it would be a great way to get some more people introduced to the fun of Sim Battling, and to help the Sim Battling board to be more active!
  11. Miso Sheriff

    Proposed apartment name: The Realm of Sharp Objects
    Proposed description: Alternative prospectives; essays, rants, musings, opinions, literary works, and global politics/conspiracy.
    Proposed moderators: Khaos MKII and Anigmasis
    Reason we should give it to you: "Because we want a place to discuss a broad variety of opinion, conspiracy, and to rant, all at the same time," ~ Khaos
  12. Proposed apartment name (*): Admiral's Lounge
    Proposed description: Cars, Sports, Girls and Weightlifting
    Proposed moderators (*): just me for now
    Reason we should give it to you (*): It's an expanded version of two of my old VGC blogs.
  13. Angelwing Sine dubio, instantatum

    You can delete my Reverie blog.
  14. Richaod Azn pride @

    Proposed apartment name (*): Richaod's Horizontally Aligned Apartment
    Proposed description: The only place where choads belong!
    Proposed moderators (*): Myself.
    Reason we should give it to you (*): It's a good incentive to keep me active at GO!
  15. Dragon X Crimson assault!

    Proposed apartment name (*):World of Oblivion
    Proposed description:Land of chaos and stuff you want to add
    Proposed moderators (*): Dragon X,Zerostar,and Dark Kirby
    Reason we should give it to you (*):I want to give the users a taste of what I'm into
  16. William Guest

    Proposed apartment name (*): Anarchy
    Proposed description: With topics ranging from music to horror/fantasy, discuss it all here.
    Proposed moderators (*): William
    Reason we should give it to you (*): Well, I had wanted a paranormal blog, but since it's taken I would love to have this one. It'd be really nice and I think I'm deserving of one. It should also be relatively active since a few members here are into the horror and fantasy genre. I plan on having other things talked about as well, but left that open for whoever wishes to post there. If I don't get it, it's fine. If I do, thanks :)

    EDIT: Oh, and because I was nice enough to edit out the wrestling part so Crazy K can have his own wrestling blog :p
  17. Crazy K Beef The Beefcake

    Proposed apartment name: Crazy K's Pro Wrestling
    Proposed description: Talk about Pro Wrestling
    Proposed moderators : Crazy K and William
    Reason we should give it to you : I just love Pro Wrestling and I know some people also like pro wrestling, and besides that it is the only thing to do with Pro Wrestling.
  18. Dexter Tea Time

    DexterGolden: Umm, when VGC gets back up, people are going to have their blogs on both sides....
    Anigmasis: Huh?
    DexterGolden: Do you think they'll neglect one of them, and if so, which one?
    Anigmasis: No clue.

  19. William Guest

    Well, if I do get this's actually different from the one I already have :p

    Besides, if VGC does get back up...I'm not completely sure if I'm going back. I like it here.
  20. Zeta Loves a good fart joke.

    Proposed Apartment Name: Zebes Sanctuary

    Proposed Description: From Aether to Zoomers, talk about anything and everything Metroid.

    Proposed Mods: Me (And 1 or 2 other Metroid fans I find.)

    Reason: It's gonna take a while to think of a good reason... Well, there isn't a Metroid forum yet. And I'm a Metroid fan, so I'd feel more comfortable if there were one. I'd also like to help out anyone that's having trouble in a Metroid game.

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