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  1. Rainbow Deluxe Duchess of All Things Pretty and Music

    I noticed I didn't exactly respond after the thread started, so yeah. Gonna now. Umm, let's see. >__> I can't exactly say I've had trouble with relationships, considering most of the relationships I've ever been in have been long term (minus Caleb and Erik, of course, but Caleb was a clingy asshole, and Erik turned gay.) But Andy was 5 years, Tyler was over 8 months, and I've been with Chris for over three years now.

    This, however, does not mean that I've come close to figuring out guys (or girls for that matter.) I've just managed to make the right decisions on who I chase, I guess. >> I remember back in the day when Andy and I first broke up, man I had so many suitors I couldn't even decide who I wanted to go after. So I managed to just, stay away from relationships all together. After all, Andy and I had just broken up, and I didn't want to try anything.

    Though, I've always been curious about the hooking up thing. I guess because I sort of missed out on it. Never actually "hooked up" with anyone, minus one guy freshman year, but we didn't really do anything other than make out a lot. But I also don't think I'd redo anything, either. I'm pretty happy with how my love life's gone, minus a couple of mistakes, i.e. Tyler and Caleb. There are, of course, still a few people that I am attracted to, and probably will always be attracted to, just because of how they present themselves to me. I also seem to be a magnet for people to be attracted to me, which is definitely why I've toned down my flirting a lot. Even though I told Chris I never would, because it's part of who I am. >>

    tl;dr, Relationships are only worth it when you find the right person (or people if that's your thing.)
  2. PKT Forever /a/lone

    I'll say that they are scams meant to pair people up and breed em. People barely need each other cept to make more people and a few other things.
  3. Tentei No Mai Bitch Pudding!

    lol @ suitors, because an image of Queen Nekoko sitting on a throne with a pyramid eligible bachelors with various goodies underneath came to mind. Well, humans are social creatures, so most people would find it somewhat difficult to live a semi-hermit lifestyle. Then again, being a one man world makes some things so much easier, too.

    What is everyone's view on the building blocks of a good (or bad) relationship? Communication and honesty (when applicable, because being ignorant on stuff that is unnecessary to bring to light is okay in my opinion) seems to be right up there with commitment. I mean, being in cohoots with someone takes work, because once that magical honeymoon feeling dissipates you will start seeing your partner in a more...murky light. Probably. Even if that person drives you up the wall every so often you just gotta hang in there and endure unless that person is an abusive prick or manipulative bitch. Oh, and realize that having it all is a dream. 2 out of 3 is doable. If she's good at cooking and can hold a conversation on ethics in health care, but dresses like Ugly Better...well, I think you have a winner anyway. Or something.
  4. PKT Forever /a/lone

    I agree with you Mai 95%. I just have a few things I don't like a lot but most things are overlookable to an extent.
  5. Rainbow Deluxe Duchess of All Things Pretty and Music

    The first thing that comes to mind when someone asks me what makes a good relationship is chemistry. Sure, communication and honesty help continue to build that relationship, but if there isn't a natural chemistry between the two persons, then I believe the relationship won't last.
  6. Codfish Sacrifice Theory

    Chemistry is important, as is honesty and communication. And I'll probably always remain skeptical because when I lose that skepticism that's when things fall apart.
  7. Tentei No Mai Bitch Pudding!

    Man, chemistry. A couple can have all the makings of a decent relationship such as being able to pull their own financial weight, having similar education backgrounds, and being devout...whatever the hell they are, but if there's no syncing then hot damn. I mean, if mai haanii couldn't tell my craziness from my serious we would have some serious trouble.

    Understanding each others personal boundaries is a big one. I don't think a relationship will last if one person prefers to spend every waking moment with his/her loner partner. Clingy behavior will disrupt my peace of mind, but I have a comrade who gets a tad rattled if he doesn't make contact with his whor...girlfriend after two hours of alone time.
  8. PKT Forever /a/lone

    I sorta think if I can find someone as messed up as me I might be fine. Or maybe something more towards a voice of reason but neither of those need be a significant other. As far as other types of relationships, ala friends and family, I've been toning that stuff down a lot as of late. Kinda seems rather like fishing for Atlantis or something. I've become satisfied with level of human detachment.
  9. Codfish Sacrifice Theory

    Knowing boundaries is a good one. My friend Ashley and her boyfriend were all over each other 100% of the time, as if they were desperate for each other, and it drove me crazy. But now, they're either fighting or being extra super cutesy, and it drives me even more crazy, especially since he's a dick that doesn't deserve her. She knows he's bad now, but she's giving him one more chance and a month to improve, and this is the fourth time already. I just wanna slap her.
  10. Tentei No Mai Bitch Pudding!

    Then slap her, Stephy. A good smack to reality will do her some good. Not that it's any of my business >__>. I've learned that everyone has something they are disillusioned to and for me it's thinking that there will be a new season of Daria. Let's see, is sex a good must have assuming that both partners aren't physically/emotionally unable to have sex? I'd imagine that understanding each others limits and needs would be important. Not to go all HBO documentary on you guys, but I believe that the best way to make sure that your man/woman isn't going to be a slut is to act like a slut in the bed. Well, a one-woman/man slut anyway. Then again, I'm a kinky bitch, so it's good that mai haanii is accepting of things like safety words and nipple clamps.
  11. PKT Forever /a/lone

    Mai, you just gained more respect and awesome point than I thought was possible.
  12. Codfish Sacrifice Theory

    I love Mai-sempai! And I want to, but really I find her more annoying than anything these days. I mean, she used to be my best best friend, but now... that role has fallen to Cerah. It was really funny, because the last time I said I was going to slap Ashley, I added, "With a gun!" afterwards and Cerah almost died laughing.

    So how goes things for everyone romantically thus far? I know some are happy, some are lonely, so what's been happening lately?
  13. PKT Forever /a/lone

    I'm very meh. I feel like I want to be with someone again but I don't want that distraction. I really do want something to hold me back from that at all times though so it works out.
  14. Tentei No Mai Bitch Pudding!

    Yeah, pistol whip her instead, Stephy and have Cerah as an eye-witness. God, I really need to stop telling comrades to inflict harm >__>;. Though, I do have a comrade I would slap on occasion for doing the dumbest things, but he's usually stoned, so no biggie. Ah, romantically? Hm, very good for me. I think I'm low maintenance, so even going to the arcade with just mai haanii and I can send my heart into overdrive. I really have no complaints since whatever "negative" thing I can think can easily be negated. Being in a meaningful relationship for the first time is still amazing to me. Pie, I'm sure that once you're ready for someone and is committed to it you'll be able to find that special someone. Or at least make attempts. Like I said there's nothing wrong with being alone if you're more satisfied with it than not.
  15. Codfish Sacrifice Theory

    It's really funny, because people keep telling me, "Don't look, they'll find you." And then they'll turn around and say, "Well it's because you aren't looking." It so funneh.
  16. Tentei No Mai Bitch Pudding!

    >__> That advice tends to work for those who can REALLY CARE LESS about being found. I mean, you can be shooting fireworks out of your nostrils that spell out "AVAILABLE" and all you will get is...well, a passing over. Maybe the meaning behind that advice is more along the lines of letting things take its course, but dammit sometimes you need to be the active one. So, yeah. Let's you guys think having a similar education background is important? I know that some people dropped out of high school, but can seriously talk your ear off about the latest stock market trends whereas a masters degree holder couldn't think his or her way out of a paper bag.
  17. Codfish Sacrifice Theory

    Lol! Mai-sempai, I love you. Seriously. For me, the same intellectual level is somewhat important, I like to be able to hold a conversation. I guess that's not so much intelligence as similar interests. *shrug*
  18. PKT Forever /a/lone

    I'm a drop out who checks the stocks every so often but mostly to see how companies are doing instead of for financial benefit. I think I'd value an easy relationship more than anything.
  19. Tentei No Mai Bitch Pudding!

    A relationship that isn't over the top complicated is ideal. Definitely like easy. Oh, yeah, similar interests are also important! You got to be able to relate to the person in some way, right? Sure, opposites attract and all that, but if you're polar opposites...I don't think it'll last even on a friendship level. I like my video games and my anime/manga/Japanese Culture, so it just wouldn't do if my boyfriend isn't at least somewhat interested in those things. It's good to be able to hum a song and have your partner go "that's Super Driver, isn't it?" without any effort.
  20. Codfish Sacrifice Theory

    For me, my only "requirement" is similar music interests, which isn't difficult at all, because the only kinds of music I don't like is Rap and hip-hop. But if they hate AFI, it's a no. They can be neutral, and not have heard them, but if they hate them, no.

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