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Discussion in 'Neo-Gaming' started by Captain Morgan, May 7, 2006.

  1. Captain Morgan hates YOU!

    Yes, i'm dead freaking serious! Rate the one system Nintendo made that almost everyone would agree was a flop. I'll go first.

    Idea 8/10: On paper it sounded like an excellent idea. The flaw was the execution of said idea

    Hardware 7/10: 32-bit, decent stereo sound, interesting red&black graphics.
    The faults were having to stick your head in the system(sometimes causing neck problems), total lack of portability, and no color graphics. The virtual reality aspects were often under-utilized as well.

    Games 6/10: Only had about 15 games total made for it. Of those, the best were Mario Dream Tennis, Teleroboxer, Wario Land, and a couple others. Although the system had some very good games, very little couldn't have been done on another system.
  2. Archangel Sabre Well-Known Member

    When compared to a full-fledged system of the day? Anything higher than a 4/10 is just insane. I mean, the graphics just weren't all that great, the entire system was mono-color, it hurt your eyes after playing for less than an hour, required constant fiddling to get a 'good' picture, was bulky and hard to use, and only had fifteen games to boot. It's a nice novelty to have around the house, but comparing it to a major Nintendo release (and it was intended to be a major Nintendo release), and it was just a massive failure.

    If you compare it to a minor Nintendo project, I guess a 6/10 is in order, but this wasn't a minor project on the side, it was meant to be the new Game Boy, which it most certainly didn't do very well.
  3. Captain Morgan hates YOU!

    I don't think Nintendo ever meant it to be the new Gameboy. It was nowhere near portable enough for that. And I wasn't trying to compare Virtual Boy to any other system, or on how well it did. My ratings were based only the system's merits and the idea behind it.
  4. Archangel Sabre Well-Known Member

    By new Gameboy, I meant really popular. But I was trying to make a comparison as to what it was supposed to be, which is a major Nintendo project. I mean, it wasn't like Game & Watch or anything, it was a full-fledged console, and should be rated by the same standards as the Super Nintendo and stuff. Well, I feel it should, anyhow. But I'm tired and hungry right now, so eh.
  5. Captain Morgan hates YOU!

    If Virtual Boy was put head to head against nearly any other console, of course it'd lose. The system was a total failure, and nobody disputes that fact. But when taken for what it is, a unique experimental system...it's a different matter. It was like the Vectrex of the 90's!
  6. ProtoJMB Gone

    Virtual Boy actually wasn't meant to be anything super big actually. It was Nintendo trying it's "Third Pillar" idea way back then. It was meant keep us busy as they worked on N64.

    I give it over all 8/10

    The idea would have been super. It was originally supposed to be full color you know, but the technology was WAY too expensive, so it was scaled back to red.

    The games were sweet, I loved Wario Land VB, an awesome game!

    The sound was nice too. Really, the only problem I had was the neck problems. It was a cool system though, and I remember playing it in Toy's R Us. I want to get one some time!
  7. The Bill tf2 is a good game

    This may sound stupid, but what's a Virtual Boy? I have no idea what you're all talking about. =(
  8. Tektite New Member

    The Nintendo Virtual Boy. It came out around 1995 I think, it was like a virtual reality game system. It can play games in 3-D, but the color is mostly red. It had a stand where the player can look into the goggles and play the games. It doesn't have a lot of games since it did not sell very well. Here's a picture of what this system looks like:


    Well, I rate the Virtual Boy a 7/10. It did not sell very good but I still think it is a cool video game system. There are some problems with the goggles and stand, because it can be kind of hard to play video games with, but the games are still fun to play in 3-D. When it came out the price was kind of high too so that was bad. Overall I like the Virtual Boy, it would be cool to have one.

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