Paranoia Agent

Discussion in 'Anime and Manga Archive' started by Shalashaska, Aug 1, 2005.

  1. Shalashaska Ego Dominos Tuus


    Such an interesting show. It's an anime that appears on Saturday evenings, or Early Sunday mornings.

    An elementary student is accused of attacking people on the street with a baseball bat. His victims are people who are trapped in there day to day lives; stress filled job, family problems etc. The story is the main focus of the show, that is not to say that the animation doesn't look good, but when the first episode is over you will appreciate story. The first point of view is a young boy who has everything going right in his life, but then he feels trapped. His life is perfect, but then it's not. He's not used to this, so he becomes very bitter towards his classmates. One in particular is another boy who was once an outcast, but now is accepted. They traded places in the social ladder. The protagonist hates how life has treated him and then ... people think he is the boy who is attacking everyone on the street because he plays baseball and often carries a bat.

    Yikes, the show is directed by Satoshi Kon. To say that his take on human life is demented is an understatment. His world is full of prostitution, incest, murder and the like. He's directed some other movies and they wouldn't be accepted in any other media beside anime/manga. It isn't a show for the kiddies. When you watch an episode keep in mind that the show is dissecting moments and then re-arranging them in order to not tell the full story all at once. Here is the official website. And here is the site to the adult swim schedule.

    Paranoia Agent is not an anime about action, but about human self-destruction. It turns out that the idea of all of this is nothing more than mundane living and a way out. The show has some low points: the overwhelming japanese - sometimes references are made, but you don't know what they are talking about and the show is a bit monotonous when it comes to developing the plot.
    Everything else is a cute little package of destruction. Just to leave you with this: think of a prostitute who doesn't know she is a "lady of the night" but instead she is a private tutor by day and when she wakes up the next morning she doesn't remember what happend.

    See ya in the funny pages. :cool:
  2. Archangel Sabre Well-Known Member

    I've seen this on Adult Swim a few times, it looked alright, but also like something you'd really have to see from beginning to end to make sense of (I started watching on episode six or so). For some odd reason, I can't get the beginning theme out of my head, though, lmao.
  3. Salazzar New Member

    I'd rather watch this than Inu-Yasha.
  4. Shalashaska Ego Dominos Tuus

    This show has a sort of trademark essence to it. I know what you mean Legend Saber about watching it from the start. I didn't watch the first few episodes, but it still drove me in.

    I just saw another of this directors work last night, called Tokyo Godfathers truely sad.
  5. William Guest

    I watched one episode and thought it was interesting, but I'd only watch it if it restarted from the beginning again, so I can actually follow the story.
  6. William Guest

    Alright, it had restarted from the beginning and I have watched all of the episodes except for "The Final Episode" which I'll see tomorrow night I believe. I really like this series, although at times - the story jumps around a lot involving so many different characters that it gets a little confusing.
  7. ubx51 ABBA Fanboy

    My next anime purchase is probaly going to be this one. I love anything Satoshi Kon does. ALso, the begining theme song is oddly captivating. If that is the right word. Probaly not.
  8. William Guest

    It is captivating. I like it a lot, as well as the ending theme.

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