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  1. William Guest

    [Possible Spoilers - You've been warned.]

    Out of all of the episodes that you have seen, which ones did you enjoy the most and why?

    I've only watched up to episode 154, but so far my favorite episodes are...

    16 - The Released Seal
    45 - Hinata Blushes! The Crowd Opens Their Mouths Wide, Naruto's Trump Card
    78 - Explosion! The Story of Naruto's Ninja Techinque's Begins!
    79 - The Limit That Exceeds Destiny! Light and Darkness!
    101 - Want to Look, Know, and Confirm Kakashi-sensei's Face!
    125 - Konoha's Allied Village, The Shinobi of The Sand

    As you can probably tell, Naruto is my favorite character and with each of these episodes...I was left on the edge of my seat, especially with episodes 78 and 79. They were just simply amazing, and make me wonder how far along Naruto really is going to come. I doubt he'd ever become Hokage, but I do expect him to become a really great ninja.

    Episode 101 is thrown in there was just hilarious, to me at least. And episode 125 is in there because it's the first appearance of Gaara as an ally, so yeah.
  2. SeanFury I can see the venom in your eyes-

    I really don't recall any of their names, but anything that includes either Kakashi or Zabuza as a major/key role would be my favorites.
  3. ReignLord Feelin' Fine

    i live in america were only up to about 20

    i liked demon in the snow or whatever that was kool:oscar:

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