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Discussion in 'Anime and Manga Archive' started by William, Nov 21, 2005.

  1. William Guest

    Out of all of the anime that you have seen, what series do you dislike the most and why?

    As for me, I don't really dislike any anime that I've seen...except Final Fantasy: Last Order, which isn't really a series but I just thought it was boring. I think I can also throw Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex into the mix though. I just cannot get into that series, and I'm not sure why either.
  2. SeanFury I can see the venom in your eyes-

    That other Final Fantasy anime and that's about it. I've never seen an anime I disliked otherwise.
  3. Shalashaska Ego Dominos Tuus

    I N U Y A S H A

    and maybe some of the later episodes of Voltron where the Princess ride the blue Tiger.
  4. Pokemon except Pikachu is kinda cute.
  5. Lupinexus New Member

    Whichever series I happened to accidentally catch a glimpse of on TV last.
  6. Hyper soul society


    Come to think of it, I only really like Trigun, Cowboy Bebop, Love Hina, and Evangelion anymore.
  7. Roger Smith Hail humans take heed. This is the carrier, Shadow

    I actually agree with Hyper, good call.
  8. Remedrix Godzilla.

    Inuyasha by a long shot.

    Wait, my opinion doesn't matter cause I like Naruto, right? :???:
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  9. William Guest

    It matters. Naruto is good.
  10. Remedrix Godzilla.

    Heh, at VGC they think otherwise.
  11. SeanFury I can see the venom in your eyes-

    Like you can take anything said at VGC for what it's worth.
  12. Remedrix Godzilla.

    That's pretty ironic; coming from you.

    Oh, and I'm not trying to insult you.
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  13. ProtoJMB Gone

    Card Captors, that show didn't make any sense to me. Another one is, of course Pokemon. That show USED to be good, but now has gone to pot IMO.
  14. Archangel Sabre Well-Known Member

    Yeh, well, that probably has something to do with the fact that the show was completely and utterly SLAUGHTERED by editors by the time it hit US shores. They played the episodes out of order, changed major plot points, deleted some characters entirely, made minor characters play major parts. The US version was all one big mess. Like throwing three cans of paint at a wall and expecting a masterpiece. Ah well.

    Anyway, most disliked anime. Most likely Wolf's Rain, that's one that simply couldn't pull me in. I never got the plot (was there one?), I thought the characters were extremely unrealistic with little reasoning behine their motivation, and the whole premise never really clicked with me. Wolf's that look like humans somehow. Yeah. Not something that interested me at all.
  15. Schmoo7 Thank A Friend

    Hmm, Most hated anime..Not counting Yu-Gi-Oh and Pokemon because I myself don't see them as anime. I wuld have to say Wolf's Rain, or Witch Hunter Robin. Both those animes just to me sucked awfully. I agree with Legend Saber that Wolf's Rain had a barely noticeable plot, it looked like 22 minutes of people running around, turning into wolves, then biting people. I guess there's a Anime for everyone. With WHR, I just flat out didn't like it, nothing against anime, I bet it's good. But after watching the first episode (techincally the 1st is supposed to be the best.) I just wasn't into it. So I quit watching it.
  16. boomstick ....Naked

    Inuyasha, I could just never get interested in the story or like the characters all that much, plus way too much filler
  17. Nights Shadow Custom User Title

    Blue gender it looked so damn cool but it sucks somethin awful....

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