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Discussion in 'Under the Marquee Archive' started by Hyper, Dec 10, 2004.

  1. Hyper soul society

  2. Dark Saki Hanajima

    Your voice sounds just as I imagined... (unless of course, it wasn't)

    Sabre's the only one who's ever heard my voice... posting it tomorrow, maybe later.
  3. Kadenzza New Member

    That old recording of Sabre and I together is still hosted here. Someone link it, please.
  4. Sabreydoo all praise their sacrificed sons

    actually, that's wrong. i [strike]sold it for magic be[/strike] had to remove it so as to conserve bandwidth.
  5. Shuffler Señor Member

    Alright, so I recorded my voice. Any hosting suggestions?

    EDIT: Yes, I tried attatching; too big.
  6. William Guest

  7. Hyper soul society

    you can email it to me, I'll host it
  8. Shuffler Señor Member

  9. rwargnits ------

    I've heard your voice many times. Like that time you sent me a lot of guitar playing stuff then sent a file of you saying "fuck you motherfucker".
  10. Dark Saki Hanajima

  11. Shuffler Señor Member

    Yeah.. Good times. :cool:
  12. rwargnits ------

    I was equally surprised when Hyper's voice from the announcement came on and screamed, "Shut the fuck up," with my speakers on almost full volume. :cool:

    Do your MC Hammer thing now!
  13. Shuffler Señor Member

    Heh, to be honest with ya, I may not do it. The song simply gets too repetative, it's too long and I doubt I can rap-growl seeing as I found it hard enough keeping up the growl with Hotel Yorba. Any other cover suggestions would be appreciated, though. :cool: (PM or IM. I don't wanna hi-jack the thread. :p)

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