Megaman NT Warrior

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  1. In this RP, everyone is welcome. Of course, everyone will control their own character, but cannot use Lan or Megaman.

    Character Bio is set up as follows:


    Chip Set: ( List of Battle Chips ) Limit of 5 chips allowed in one battle.
    Name of Net-Navi:
    Bio of Name:
    Bio of Net-Navi:


    Name: Haser Toshima
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Chip Set:

    Vulcan, Long Sword, Mega Cannon, Wide Sword, Sonic Wave

    Name of Net-Navi Character: Hyperman

    Haser Toshima is new to the Netnavi group, but seems to learn fairly quickly. He is rarely home as he is constantly outside practicing and battling other net-navis. Although he he new, his experience is growing a fast rate. The people who he have beaten feel that he will be one of the top fighters known.

    Hyperman is a quick, fearless net-navi who has won many battles that he has fought. Willing to go to the extreme, he'll go to the limit whether he loses or not. If they lose, he'll only work harder.

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