Megaman Duel

Discussion in 'General Theme RP' started by Cyborg of Death, Jun 6, 2006.

  1. Proto Man, I challenge you to a duel. I'll use Megaman. The other users cannot participate in the duel, but can judge the battle. They cannot base the battle on favouratism (Judging for the more popular/liked person), only on their RP skills.

    Proto Man, you can use any Protoman version (Megaman X etc (if there is others...)). I'm going to use the Megaman NT Warrior version.

    Proto Man, do you accept?
  2. Captain Morgan hates YOU!

    You'll have to wait until Proto gets back. He'll only be on for a couple minutes here and there for the next few weeks. Also, the Mega Man X series had no Proto Man! :p
  3. So I have an advantage :p

    But it'd be good then. We should go with the Megaman NT Warrior style series.

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