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Discussion in 'Neo-Gaming' started by aingram, Aug 12, 2005.

  1. aingram New Member

    What's everyones thoughts on MAMEs?

    I'm building one right now and would love to hear about some other peoples cabinets!!

    I restored an old Williams Defender Cabinet... It was in pretty bad shape but it's looking really good now!
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  2. ProtoJMB Gone

    So you took a Defender cabinate and turned it into an a multiple arcade game machine? I guess that's cool. I really haven't given MAMEs much thought, as I am not sure on the legalities of them.
  3. William Guest

    Well, I tried playing a MAME game a few days ago, but everytime I go to play a game on it, some files are I said screw it.
  4. aingram New Member

    Mames are as legal as you make them... as are a lot of things... there are a few "free" games available and there is always the option to purchase some of the others... i love the idea of putting a quarter in the slot, pushing the start button, and playing the old fashion way! :)
  5. Archangel Sabre Well-Known Member

    Ah, the idea of a MAME never interested me too much; I never go to arcades and don't have any 'nostaliga' or anything like that. Frankly, I think I'd much rather just go out and buy a few old games, rather than spend hundreds of dollars on an old beat up arcade machine just to get to play a few old games on them. >.> Besides, I don't have the room for it, lol.
  6. NoiproX Jedi Master

    ahhh, the days of mortal kombat 1,2,and 3 i spent waaaay too much time playing those...

    i have tried the MAME emulator before, but it just isnt the same when its not in the huge cabinet
  7. aingram New Member

    A MAME cabinet can be built pretty cheap if you do it right. A lot of times, arcades will give you an old, non-working, cabinet for NOTHING. You don't necessarily have to spend a lot of money fixing it up and personalizing it. All you really need is the controls and you might be able to use what came in your cabinte. Then you just slap a spare monitor/tv in it and wire it up to an old computer. You can use the matrix found in an old keyboard, or even joystick, to wire the controls to the computer. WAALA- you have an arcade in your home! If you have a powerful enough computer you can even emulate PS2 and XBox games.

    As cheap as I made it sound-its definitely something i feel is worth putting a few bucks into if you want to do it "right".
  8. ProtoJMB Gone

    Hmm... I might do that sometime, I have room in my basement :) I would like to play regular Donkey Kong and other games. I do know of places around here that sell arcade control panels and stuff like that, I have seen them for sale. Maybe when I start making some money.

    And noiprox, I know what you mean man. Playing Pac-Man in this VB arcade is nothing like playing it on a machine.

    Joystick > Keyboards.

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