Mai, have you read/seen any of these mangas/animes?

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  1. Rainbow Deluxe Duchess of All Things Pretty and Music

    So, I was going through the list of mangas that OneManga has, just to see if they have any of the ones that I basically collect, and an idea struck me: I should ask Mai if she's seen/read any of the animes/mangas that I watch/read. Anyone else is allowed to comment on them as well, I just would like someone else to talk to in regards to some of my favorite animes/mangas.

    I also won't be separating them into manga/anime as most of them have both.

    Love Hina
    Fruits Basket
    Fushigi Yuugi
    Revolutionary Girl Utena
    He Is My Master!
    Cowboy Bebop (that's prolly a no-brainer but I'd like to discuss it)
    Ronin Warriors
    A.I. Love You
    Juvenile Orion
    Hana-Kimi (I think you've told me this before, but I also wanna talk about it as well)
    Vampire Game
    Angel Santuary
    Ah! My Goddess
    Air Gear
    Strawberry Panic
    Honey and Clover

    That's my list for now. I'll probably think of more tomorrow, but for now, have you seen/read any of them?
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  2. Tentei No Mai Bitch Pudding!

    You know, this could be a very long post. My God, I've watched/read ALL OF THOSE or at the absolute least know some things >_>. My hobby consumes me. CONSUMES ME. Anyway, I'll make brief comments and elaborate wherever you want me to, Nekoko-chan. Let's go!

    Love Hina- Wonderful, wonderful show/manga. My favorite character is a toss up between Naru and Kaolla Su because I love tough gals and weird foreign people. Motoko has something going on there, too. Now, I'm more acquainted with the anime than the manga, but I totally like both.

    Fruits Basket- Also wonderful! Too bad the anime leaves you wondering "wtf" if you aren't reading the manga, y'know? Anyway, despite the fruity title I think Furuba is quite the tale. You have romance, comedy, suspense, and even action! Most of the characters are completely engrossing (even the side characters. I mean, what's up with that? They're so fleshed out). And the, deep. Tohru isn't as dumb and cutesy as she seems >__>. As for favorite characters...toughie. TOUGHIE. I tend to jump on the Yuki bandwagon even though I could easily side with Kyo, Hatsuharu, Momoji (I'm totally not a pedobear since Momoji eventually grows into looking non-shota >_>;), Rin, Arisa, and Hatori. I completely despise Akito and Kagura, however (I'm sure you can guess why). I'm really caught up in the manga and totally own the DVDs and a bunch of merchandise. Very cool.

    Fushigi Yuugi- When Nuriko got the axe, I actually cried a little. CRIED. That usually doesn't happen to me. Anyway, Fushigi Yuugi is pretty much what fan girls dream of: being surrounded by studly men while being protected from an evil group with a good number of handsome guys. I thought it was original at the time (Hell, Harukanaru Toki no Naka De is TOTALLY based off of this shoujo comic). Of course, I'm a fan of Chichiri >_>;. I own most of the anime and some of the manga. Great art. Tamahome totally annoyed me. Ah, and...yeah awesome! I want to be a priestess, too! I'M STILL VIRGIN, I CAN SO DO IT!

    Revolutionary Girl Utena-Are you kidding me? <3 Utena. She's one of my heroes and I somewhat idolize her. She's a girl who wants to be a prince and refuse to be tied down by the girlie stuff. The duel songs and background music in the anime are both FREAKINGLY COOL. Though, things get really confusing and Yaoi and yuri twirled into one with some incestuous behavior. Anthy, you should really get your act together even if you're the Rose Bride (er, I'm so half sleep). I like Touga a little bit. Just a tad (all I can do is talk about characters. what's wrong with me).

    He Is My Master!-I wouldn't mind being a maid if I could be sexy like Izumi. I'm not *that* well informed with He Is My Master, but I liked what I've watched of it. Anna totally gives me the willies. She's such a yuri driver >_>;.

    Slayers-Yes. YES-YES-YES. How can I not enjoy The Slayers? It combines RPG elements with super-duper comedy and fantasy! Lina Inverse is also one of my idols since at the time I could relate to her lack of boobies o_o;. Okay, that's a bit too much. Anyway, I think my favorite season is probably Try since Sylphiel (I know I misspelled her name. I keep wanting to say syphilis) was replaced by Filia who is like, WAY cooler. Gourry's a crack pipe and to this day I approve of the Xellos x Zel pairing. Also, I used to be able to recite some of the spell incantations like the Dragon Slave (seriously, I'm geeky), but not so much now. Man, there's a lot of ground to cover with Slayers...-__-;.

    FLCL-I want a vespa. Anyway! FLCL is too cool for school, dude. The music, the animation, the humor, the characters, the pop-culture references...perfect. If I could, I would TOTALLY cosplay as Haruko (or Mamimi). Interestingly enough, I thought Mamimi was realistic in the sense that she had issues, but the "omigawd, i haf 2 trans4rm and save da world" kind of trouble. I felt a bit bad for her and Naota by smidge >_>.

    Cowboy Bebop (that's prolly a no-brainer but I'd like to discuss it) Ah, lemme see...I'm not trying to sound macho or call anyone out (yeah right) or anything, but if you call yourself an anime fan and don't even recognize the name Cowboy Bebop...well, you're totally a poseur! Don't even know where to begin with that show! Oh, I do remember having a heated (but not serious) discussion with a comrade about the relationship between Faye and Spike since my comrade was like "Oh, they totally want to bone each other" and I was like "Dude, it's not even CLOSE to being like that" and so on. Ed, hm...what was up with that androgynous genius, eh? >_>; That's all I can think of to say, really.

    Ronin Warriors-Like, totally old school! I probably still have the action figures somewhere. The funny thing is, I'm exclusive to the dub. Like, I somewhat know the Japanese names for the main characters, like Sage being Seiji Date (who's mah fave), but that's it. There's like, oodles of yaoi out there that's Ronin Warriors themed >_>.

    A.I. Love You-I don't think too many people are aware of the manga! Well, I hardly am since I only have two volumes of the manga. People should really keep computer nerds like Hitoshi out of trouble with those damned A.I.'s.

    Juvenile Orion-Now, I'm totally aware of Juvenile Orion since it's part of the Aquarion Age universe. I like the card game <3. Anyway, I have to admit that the characters are pretty stereotypical and so is the story (but then again, that's probably just me talking nonsense) but the art is totally redeemable and hey, it's Aquarion Age! I am SO PART OF THE E.G.O. FACTION. Btw, the drama CDs are pretty cool, too.

    Chobits-Aaaaaah, if it's by CLAMP I have raped it at least twice >_>. Fucking love CLAMP <333. Anyway, Chobits rock! Sure, there's a surprising bit of ecchi in thur, but the art is simply divine and Chii is so adorable! Hideki's pretty sweet, too. I want a Persocom, too. Also, some of themes in Chobits are wicked >_>. Virginity and Soul Mates ahoy! The anime is of course, cool. The opening theme song is nifty.

    Hana-Kimi (I think you've told me this before, but I also wanna talk about it as well) Well, yeah! I really can't say TOO much since you know way more (hell, I'm totally far behind!) but as you already know...I so like Hana-Kimi. I've watched the drama that is based on Hana-Kimi, though >_>. Ah, don't ever make me go to St. Blossoms, okay? I'd die. I have a crush on Nakatsu, so I will continue to pray for his success with Mizuki.

    D.N.Angel-I'm exclusive with the anime, so my knowledge is pretty slim (well, not really since I did use to import the comic magazine that it appeared in). HOWEVER, let me tell you that Dark is a hottie and the school uniforms are CUTE. I sense mad yaoi vibes between Satoshi and Daisuke, too (Daisuke, forget the twins and go with the guy!)

    Vampire Game-Can't comment too much since I haven't even read the first volume yet (I have a seriously bad habit of buying all sorts of manga, get addicted to a particular series, and then forget about the other manga that I had bought). I will tell you that I like cover art >_>. Who's the hunk on the cover? Better yet, I'll find the manga and just read it!

    Angel Santuary-God, that anime/manga is scary! The Mudo siblings need to just branch out and stay away from incest (as if that's possible). Also, Alexial is dangerous to say the least. Okay, so since I like Kaori Yuki I totally dig the manga. The anime confused me since that was media which introduced me to Angel Sanctuary, but yeah. I should totally continue reading (bookstores NEVER have the volumes that I look for. EVAR).

    Ah! My Goddess-o_____o; LOVE AH! MY GODDESS! It's one of those things that you can constantly re-read and re-watch and still feel good every single time. Urd is my favorite (of course) and I enjoy it when she teases Skuld since she is a whiny brat who means well. Thank God for Belldandy o-o. I don't even know where to begin with this one!

    Air-I honestly hate the art style, but the story IS cute, if not a bit melancholy. Tori no Uta really pulls you into AIR's world which is delightfully summery. And Yukito is kind of cute. Kano needs to get a fucking grip <_<;.

    Air Gear-Friendship, fighting, and "those boobs can't be real" characters! Yay! I'm somewhat still in the middle of Air Gear. Anyway, can someone please explain to me again why there's a crow in Ikki's hair? How screwed up is Akito really? Or is it Agito? Akito, Agito, Akito, Agito, WHAT!? Ah, someone is dying her hair in the Noyamano family, because something isn't right with those sisters...

    Gravitation-Ah, Gravitation...GRAVITATION...GRAVIFUCKINGTATION. Nekoko-chan, Gravitation is on my top 3 of favorite Yaoi manga ever. Ever! I could go on and on talking about it, but I will just pick out a few things since I'm tired (hey, I'm doing all this in one sitting, you know!). Tohma is one of the four Gods (of what? the Animu Kingdom?). Do not defy him or you will certainly die a painful death. Gravitation's story is sort of like Furuba's in the sense that the main character starts out simple enough (easy to follow premise, etc.) only to bitch smack you into a whirlwind of complex details and story lines! Reiji is essentially me, btw (assuming you're totally into the manga). Shuichi = Mic. And finally, I WANT TO SING GLARING DREAM!

    Strawberry Panic-Oh, yeah! Shoujo-ai, baby! I still can't get over how insanely awesome the school uniforms (if it wasn't for Hikari, I'd swear to God that St. Spica was an exclusively Seme dominated school. Even the uniforms scream "butch central" <3). Oh, and the anime is pretty kick ass, too! It's like Gakuen Heaven, but girl on girl. Tamao really should have stolen Nagisa away from Shizuma, even if Nagisa and Shizuma look GORGEOUS together. I can kind of go on and on about Strawberry Panic, too.

    Honey and Clover-I'm trying to avoid the anime since I knew it was coming to the States ever since I first laid eyes on it >__>;. Anyway, I'm currently following the manga in Shoujo Beat and I
    really dig it. Please let Ayumi win Mayama's heart someday. Please let Hagu-chan grow some more. Please make Shinobu graduate al-fucking-ready! SERIOUSLY, THE GUY'S GOOD, BUT HE'S' BEING A LAZY BASTARD. Or is HE? Hmmmm...
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  3. Rainbow Deluxe Duchess of All Things Pretty and Music

    Oh, I'll probably just agree with what you said and add in my own little comments or just add my own little comments and slightly disagree if you said something I don't agree with, but I've read your post thrice now and I've yet to run into anything I don't agree with.

    Naru is possibly one of my favorite anime characters to begin with. Though I hate that she always assumes that Keitaro's being some pervy guy and is always being tough with him (actually, she reminds me of you Mai-Mai >>), I also love her relationship with Keitaro. Kaolla Su is just great, though I believe my second favorite character is Mitsune. She just, makes me laugh and I love how she always tries to get Keitaro into trouble with Naru, just to see what'll happen.

    Everyone's always telling me how much they prefer Yuki to Kyo and it's kind of annoying. I like Yuki. Though I do feel bad that the rat tricked the cat in the chinese folklore, there's just something about Yuki that draws him to me. Though, personally I think that Tohru does belong with Kyo, and in the manga we learn that Yuki only thinks of Tohru as the "motherly" type and would never go out with her, I just think it would've been cool to have Tohru and Yuki together. By the way, did you know that the voice actor for Momoji is the same one for Hunny-sempai? Just thought I'd throw that out there. I also love Hatsuharu, Momoji, and Shigure. I want to basically chop Akito's head off and Kagura is very, odd. I think this is the first manga that I ever read that actually involves incest, though if you want to be all technical about it, they're all distant cousins, so it isn't as bad as Angel Sanctuary (or even Vampire Knight, which yes, I did find out stuff >>).

    Tamahome annoys you?!?! But but but, he's my favorite guy character in it! Yui annoyed the crap out of me, already saying she was in love with Tamahome when she hadn't even met him. She only wanted to be with him because she was too effing jealous of Miaka. Stupid little whore. Oh, and Nuriko's death horribly shocked me. I remember when I used to get a manga magazine (I don't remember the name of it, but it wasn't Shoujo Beat, I know that) and they had Nuriko's death on the cover, I actually screamed in the store I was at (Suncaost I believe). I felt so so so bad for her, and this was the first anime that introduced me into the whole "gender confused" scene.

    I remember I only got to read the manga for Utena in that same magazine that I had mentioned, which I looked up and it was Animerica Extra. But the manga totally enveloped me, and it also was my first anime/manga that introduced me into the "yuri" scene, though technically it's just Shoujo-Ai as it's not really hentai. >> Oh, and when I read my first chapter of it, I totally thought Utena was a boy. Why the title of the manga didn't register in my brain, I have no idea. >>

    I love how Izumi's 14 and she has this HUGE HUGE HUGE rack. I had Chris watch the first episode the other day and he was like "There's no way she's only 14!" But then again, you also have to factor in the fact that in Sailor Moon, Makoto (or Lita for those not familiar with the Japanese names) was only 13, and she was the tallest and most well-endowed character. But I have to say that I love Pochi, and I love how he's always chasing izumi around, though when it's actually time to protect her, he does. That silly alligator.

    Lina Inverse just makes me laugh. I love her relationship with Gourry and I also just love Gourry in general. I also love his sword. It's a pretty sword. >> I haven't really had much time to read the manga, but I have one of the boxsets down in my living room. Though which season it is, I'm not too sure at the moment. Whenever I talk about anime, the stuff that I have usually slips my mind, except for my Sailor Moon collection. >> But, I will say that the season I have involves Lina and Gourry's encounter with Amelia, again. Though I can say I've seen this season many times, and I love how Gourry and Lina end up having to go against Amelia and Xellos, which btw, is Slayers NEXT. I gotta love Wikipedia and my laziness to not go downstairs and check.

    I've always wanted to cosplat as Haruko as well! I as well love the animation, music, and the humor. I think they could've left out a few of the pop-culture references, mainly for the fact that well, I tend to not like it when normal tv shows use them as well. You're supposed to have your own tv show, not one that's based around the characters using Nike or advertising for certain bands. Mamimi is also one of my favorite anime characters as well, though why? I'm not exactly too sure on that. >>

    I love love love love Cowboy Bebop. It was basically the first anime I ever watched on Toonami, well besides Sailor Moon and Tenchi Muyo of course. Though I've heard the subbed and dubbed are a bit different, I've never really given a chance to watch the subbed as the dubbed had too much of an impression on me. Ed is also one of my favorite characters, along with Faye. I always kind of wanted Faye and Spike to get together, but I got off of that dream after I saw Cowboy Bebop: The Movie. Though I will have to say that Vincent gives me one of my all-time favorite quotes, which I guess is one of the reasons why I love the movie so much. I also started collecting some of the manga as well, just to keep up with the anime so that I wasn't lost.

    Ronin Warriors was actually an anime I preferred over Gundam. But only for the fact that like, Ronin had the five characters, so I kinda paired each one off with one of the Sailor Scouts. >> YES I KNOW. I'M ODD. But, still. Anyway, Ryo was my favorite, which I believe I set him up wtih Usagi. >> ONLY FOR THE FACT THAT THEY'RE BOTH MY FAVORITE CHARACTERS AND THEREFORE ARE ALLOWED TO BE TOGETHER. How Ryo got past Mamoru in my fantasy, I have no idea. BUT, he did. >>

    I only have three of the volumes for A.I. Love You, which by the way, it took me forever to figure out that it's supposed to be a play on words of "I Love You." I used to think it was "EYE EEE" Love You. So in my mind, I was all "That makes no effing sense. Eye eee love you? What in the world? But then my sister was reading the cover and bam! She pronounced it how it's supposed to be and I was like, oh. >> I felt like such an idiot. Anyway, Hitoshi just basically reminds me of all the stereo-typical nerds/computer geeks. Except, he's able to have his A.I. come to life. >>

    Currently right now, I have a Juvenile Orion calendar from 2005 that's still hanging up on my wall. I don't want to take it down as well, they're all just so gorgeous to look at. Though I think Chris gets a tad jealous that I stare up at the calendar when facing the front of my bed, but OH WELL. They're just fictional characters. >> But I find it interesting that I loved Kaname in Juvenile Orion, and now I love Kaname in Vampire Knight. I'm guessing that whenever the name Kaname is used for a male character, I'm most likely going to make them my favorite male character. >>

    I WANT A CHOBIT. Though, not for the constantly molesting it thing and I wouldn't be able to get one considering I believe they're only for males. Or well, that's what the anime hinted at. I haven't started reading the manga yet considering everytime I go to my Barnes and Nobles, they never have the first volume and well, I don't start reading an anime halfway into it. That's just, not cool. So I'm either going to have to order it from BAN online or go to eBay or something.

    I've never seen the Drama, and I don't know if I should. I had high hopes that they would make Hana-Kimi into an anime and not a drama, but oh well. I'm kind of glad that it hasn't been put into an anime as well as I don't know what they would do to change it around. But, anyway I love Miyuki. I wish I could you know, flatten my chest and look like a boy to chase the guy that I like. Or well, admire as she doesn't want to admit her feelings for him, at least, not in the first couple of volumes anyway. I also kind of root for Nakatsu, but I want Miyuki to be with Izumi for the whole fact that he's the entire reason that she went to Japan. Unfortunately, I only have up to volume 7 of it and well, it's actually a completed series with I think, 20 volumes? So I have a lot of catching up to do, but thankfully my birthday is coming up soon (a month and 20 days woot), so hopefully I can convince family members to give me the volumes as presents. Oh, and I love love love Dr. Umeda. He's basically the hilarity for the manga. I also feel sorry for like, the side characters, the two guys that are basically Izumi's sidekicks and both are always either getting yelled at or are getting in trouble with Minami.

    This is one of the few animes that I haven't read the manga for. I watched the entire anime on YouTube though, and I have to say that I love the anime. Daisuke is a great protagonist, and I absolutely love Dark. I love his hair style, his attitude, and his ability to move through everything. I also love Wiz and think he's the cutest thing in the world. I also love the fact that he's Dark's wings. I do feel a bit bad for Daisuke as Risa doesn't return the feelings that he has for her and instead likes his counterpart, Dark. But I find it interesting that both Dark and Daisuke fall for Riku, of which Dark tells Risa that he doesn't have feelings for her at all. She should've returned Daisuke's feelings in the first place, then she'd have at least some chance with Dark. Oh and Satoshi is such an interesting character, and Krad is well, hot. Like Dark. >>

    Since you haven't really read Vampire Game, I don't want to spoil anything for you. I will tell you that the guy on the front cover is Darres, and the girl is Ishtar. Her name has always bugged me as it isn't exactly a pretty name, but she makes up for it. She's extremely ditzy but knows exactly when to be serious if the situation calls for her to be. Other than that, I'll let you read it for yourself to decide if you like it or not.

    I agree, the Mudo siblings do need to branck out and stay away from incest, though it isn't exactly Setsuna and Sara's fault as well, Alexiel is the one who's more drawn to Sara than Setsuna, and since Setsuna hosts Alexiel, she kind of pushes him towards his sister. I'm not gonna try and defend it though as well, I think they're a cute couple despite well, the incest. I'm also completely in love with Lucifer, as well, I think he's extremely gorgeous and The Mad Hatter is my second favorite character. Whether or not The Mad Hatter is a girl or a guy is never really known, but I personally just love the fact that he/she is so devoted to Lucifer that he/she will do anything for him. I also think that The Mad Hatter is the best dresser in the entire series. >>

    I absolutely love Belldandy, and Keiichi as well. Though I think I might've handled the situation in probably the same way that Keiichi did when first proposed by Belldandy, I don't think I would've wished for her to stay by my side forever. Instead, I would've been probably a bit more greedy and most likely wished for a never ending supply of money. But that's just for the fact that nowadays, you can't really go anywhere without the use of money. I also love Urd and Skuld as well, finding them to be more of the humor relief than anything else.

    I've only really watched a couple of episodes, but the art style also annoys me, or well, the art style for the manga. I like the art for the anime. But I agree as well, Kano does need to get a grip and Yukito is kind of cute. He's really nothing compared to the other guys in most of the other animes, but it's hard to keep up with the others. The only problem I have with the anime is that the characters just seem so, young. Or well, the way they're drawn they do.

    For this anime, I've only seen a few episodes, but from what I saw, I did enjoy it. I've always wanted to be able to roller blade, so seeing them doing all these tricks on roller blages is just, awesome. For me anyway. Oh, and it's both Akito and Agito. Akito is the "light" side whereas "Agito" is the dark side.

    You think of Shuichi to be like Mic? Interesting. o.o There've only been a few people in my life that I've ever compared to an anime with, though if you ask me to compare any anime characters to my friends, I can. But yeah, now I see it. >> Anyway, to the anime/manga, I love both, and have up to volume 5 of the Manga and I've seen all the episodes of the anime. I do agree that Gravitation is a bit like Furuba, minus all the incest stuff. Which, btw, I've been working on this post all day too. Just so you know. Anyway, I personally like Shuichi though I prefer Hiroshi. He's much more reasonable and is aways setting Shuichi straight (well, not always, but kind of >>). I also feel bad that he falls for Eiri yet ends up falling for Eiri's fiancee, Ayaka.

    I love love love Strawberry Panic. I believe it was the last anime I watched on YouTube before YouTube started taking down the episodes and stuff. Amane was the whole purpose as to why I was going to cut my hair short last year, as it looks sooo good on her. I wanted it that length. But then I went to a wig shop to see what I would look like with hair that short, and blech. Not for me. I also love how most of the girls have a crush on Nagisa, yet Shizuma shows the most interest.

    Ugh, finally, the last one. Why did I make the list so effing long? Anyway, I'm also following the manga in Shoujo Beat, or at least I try to whenever I can get the magazine. Usually they're sold out so I have to go and search for one in the Japanese magazine racks in a couple of stores that I know about that sell them. Anyway. I want Ayumi to win Mayama's heart as well. They'd just make an effing good couple and I also want Shinobu to graduate too. >> Man, we're on the same wave-length with Honey and Clover Mai-Mai!
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  4. Tentei No Mai Bitch Pudding!

    OH, MY GOD, KAT! I know you're hurting. By the time I finished my post I was almost dead, so you must be twice as bad >_>;.

    Anyway, yeah, we're totally agreeing with each other (it feels so good to talk about this stuff). A couple of things though! Tamahome annoyed me for almost the same reason that Zero of VK makes me a bit miff-there are subjectively better guys out there and yet, they're the central characters. However, I guess it's really because he caused some unintentional trouble between Miaka and Yui >_>. I know, it's not his fault, but still! It's not like he's to blame for Yui's bitch-o-rama, y'know? Yeah, she totally irked me beyond reason. And you are SO not weird for pairing the Ronin Warriors up with Sailor Moon, because hey, it was pretty easy to do and I bet it was fun, too! And my comrade, Lori reminds me of a Anthy from Revolutionary Girl Utena. But not really. It's kind of like this-Utena tends to protect Anthy and Anthy is this supposedly prim and proper beauty who needs to be protect which is kind of similar to my view of our (Lori and me) relationship since I'm the tomboy who can fight and Lori's the sweet, intelligent, and delicate princess who comes to me for help. Nothing shoujo-ai, though! I felt like sharing that. And also, Strawberry Panic's Amane is on my top three fave list. She IS awesome.

    I should respond to more of your comments, but if we keep this up we're going to end up spending at least an hour on typing up posts >_>;.
  5. Rainbow Deluxe Duchess of All Things Pretty and Music

    Aww, you don't like Zero? I mean, I know I personally prefer Kaname, but I like Zero too. I think he reminds of me of Kyo a lot, with the troubled past and the easily angered temper. I'm also glad that I'm not weird for pairing the Ronins with the Scouts. Though it does seem a bit weird now that I think about it, I'm still not gonna go back on it though. Besides, RyoxUsagi is a good pairing! In my opinion anyway. I just felt bad for both Miaka and Tamahome, Miaka for the fact that her friend turns into basically a jealous American-type, and Tamahome has to deal with the fact that Yui has feelings for him, even though he's in love with Miaka. I also feel bad for Hotohori as well, he's in love with Miaka and she doesn't return his feelings for her. Stupid love triangles that most animes have to deal with. Umm, there was also a question I had but it's slipped my mind, so if I think of it I'll ask.

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