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Discussion in 'General Theme RP' started by Kurama, Apr 8, 2007.

  1. Kurama Why you gotta player hate on IG-88?

    All right, so, fellow members, I'd like to introduce a game. The game of Mafia. Taken from Wikipedia:

    Sound pretty good? I thought it did, so after being inspired from another forum (which happens to be based entirely around the concept of playing this game online), I decided to see if you guys were interested in doing a game. I'd like to have a minimum of 7 players, though more can participate if they want to.

    But, I'm getting ahead of myself here. The way the game is played online differs a bit from the party game you'd play in a house. A moderator of the game (which for this one will be me) will assign roles through PMs. These roles are various things, ranging from a cop who can investigate others to find out if they're Mafia or a Doctor who can protect another player from being killed by the Mafia for one night. Speaking of nights, the game is played in two phases.

    In the Day, the townspeople (including the Mafia) are to vote on one person to lynch (majority rules, therefore in a 7 man game, 4 would be required to lynch). The Mafia can vote as well, but remain in secret from the others. The Mafia also cannot talk to each other to plan during the day. Once somebody has been lynched or another circumstance occurs, the game enters the night phase.

    Everyone who has an ability they can use at night will then PM a target to the moderator. The Mafia also PMs one person to kill that night to the moderator. In the morning, the results are announced and the cycle begins again.

    While it sounds slightly random, I've seen games on the other forum last up to 12 pages before a decision on the first day is made. This first lynch often makes or breaks the town's chance to win.

    So, anybody interested?
  2. Nazo Moderator

    I can't wait to destroy it.
  3. Doodlez <font color="#00FF00">Sugar

    I'll join the anti-mafiosa forces ;)
  4. Kurama Why you gotta player hate on IG-88?

    Well, the way it would work is once there are enough people, everyone would be given random roles.
  5. Forgetaboutit....I'm in. Bad side.
  6. Nazo Moderator

    I'll just do what I do in other most games I play...
  7. Absolutely nothin? :p
  8. Nazo Moderator

    No, kill anything and anyone that can possibly be killed. A.k.a, Creating Chaos.
  9. Or that. Lol...
  10. Captain Morgan hates YOU!

    Yeah, count me in as well.

    Btw Kurama: I'm moving this to the RP forum. I KNOW it's not exactly an RP, but it's not Black Hole material either.

    I'm interested. Count me in.
  12. Darth Arkas RC-1138

    I'm in.

    1 thing though: The Mafia members know who each other are. As such, they can always talk amongst themselves via PM or other means, since they jointly decide who to kill. Just thought I'd mention that.
  13. Kurama Why you gotta player hate on IG-88?

    Well, as soon as we have one more person we can start. I suppose I'll post the rest of the information now. Also, AKDemon, I assume you've played before?

    One of the following four set-ups is used for this game:

    a) 2 mafia, 1 cop, 1 doctor, 3 townies
    b) 2 mafia, 1 cop, 4 townies
    c) 2 mafia, 1 doctor, 4 townies
    d) 2 mafia, 5 townies

    You will recieve a PM detailing which role you have, containing one of the following:

    Remember, the Cop and Doctor may or may not actually be in the game.

    The Rules

    • Votes must be in bold. If you don't bold your vote it won't be counted.
    • If you feel the need to do so, please unvote prior to placing a new vote. This is not required, but makes things run smoother.
    • Once a player has obtained a majority of the votes, they will be lynched. Players may Vote: No lynch if they feel there should be no lynch for the day.
    • The game is not to be discussed outside of the thread unless your role specifies so.
    • Do NOT edit or delete any previously posted post. Even if it's for a spelling error.
    • Do not quote any of the PMs regarding the game you recieve in the topic.
    • Night deadlines will be posted, and the night choices should be turned in by the time the deadline has been reached. If they have not, it will be considered a no choice.
    Also, just some general tips: The game will be pretty random at first, but remember that it's a battle of wits and logic. It is considered highly unwise to make a lynch within the first few pages, and bringing someone to within one vote of a lynch is generally considered dangerous territory. As I said, Day 1 is usually fairly critical, as if a townie is lynched by mistake and the Mafia kills a townie at night, it becomes a "lynch right or lose" situation for the town (5 people left, two being mafia, if one vote is placed on a townie the two mafia members can jump on and have him lynched. After the night kill, the mafia will be in majority and will have won the game).

    So now we just need one more person, then I'll send out the roles and Day 1 can start.
  14. Darth Arkas RC-1138

    Fair 'nough. Let's round up one more unsuspecting victim, and let the chaos begin......

    BTW, for all future references: the D in demon is not capped for a reason, one of them being that most people, online or off, call me "AK" and not "AKD". As such, the D is not capped. Thank you.

    Still not another...? Saddening...
  16. Wow this is...different really. Kinda/sorta confusing.
  17. Kurama Why you gotta player hate on IG-88?

    We've waited long enough I suppose, time to get this moving. Roles have been sent out, and once everyone has confirmed Day 1 will begin.
  18. Darth Arkas RC-1138

    Confirmed. Remember guys: Teamwork, n00bz!
  19. Captain Morgan hates YOU!

    I confirmed yesterday as well. Let's get this goin' already :)
  20. Kurama Why you gotta player hate on IG-88?

    DAY 1: BEGIN

    The town's residents gather in City Hall. It has been rumored that the Mafia is attempting to establish control. Being a small rural town, they have decided to attempt to root out the mafia before it is too late.

    The people will argue, rationalize, and accuse.

    With 6 alive, it's 4 votes to lynch.

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