Lost Planet: Extreme Condition

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    I wrote this on another forum and thus i port it here, because no one else is going to help this E-Zine. Its kinda lame, but i get my point across in my review.

    Lost Planet: Extreme Condition - Xbox 360

    Storyline - 9/10
    Sound - 8/10
    Gameplay - 8/10
    Replay Value - 5/10
    Graphics - 9/10

    Storyline: The storyline to Lost Planet can suck you in pretty quick. I love how the story starts you off. You are on a new planet that is terribly cold. Humans have figured out a way to live on it, but there are these alien bugs called the Akrid who attack and kill quite often. The Akrid ran humans off the planet, but soon after the humans build the VS (vital suits) a mech pretty much to battle with the Akrid. The Akrid live off thermal energy in their bodies. The humans figure out that with the Vital Suits they can fight back and come back to the planet, as well as harness the powerful thermal energy.

    Sound: The sound is quite good with explosions and Akrid screams. The gunfire is pretty dead on as well.

    Gameplay: The gameplay is unlike any shooter ive ever played. Its more of a puzzle/platformer/shooter. The style is sorta over the shoulder like resident evil 4, but with a much different aiming system.

    Replay Value: The Replay is quite low unless you just want to go back and unlock all of the achievements for your gamescore. Otherwise once you finish the game there no reason for going back. If you are into the play every difficulty then have at it you unlock one for beating the game.

    Graphics: The graphics are amazing and really use the power of the 360 to its advantage. The smoke effects in the game are unique and differnet. The snow on the planet is really well done. Any enemy you defeat and get their thermal energy from will freeze to death and shatter.
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    I was wondering if this game was good or not...I never bothered to looking up reviews on it. Definitely sounds awesome, though.
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    Nice review! Glad to see somebody making use of these forums at least!

    If you have anymore, please feel free to post em!

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