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  1. Nights Shadow Custom User Title

    Anyone ever watch icons? If you havent seen it, it focuses on either one person or one video game and gives it history and everything about it. Now for the person it might do, it could have like...the guy who came up with the elder scrolls something like that. The last episode i watched was the guy who made prince of persia and the history of the games.
  2. Archangel Sabre Well-Known Member

    I actually used to watch that show quite a bit when I still had cable. But I never really cared when it did series' without much history behind it, like Halo and KOTOR and the like. Their shows that focused around Shigeru Miyamoto and Mega Man, when it talked about series that have been around since the golden age of gaming, those were always quite interesting. It's a great show, and I reccommend it to anyone who hasn't seen it yet.
  3. Nights Shadow Custom User Title

    Wow, i didnt think this thread would EVER get a post... :)
  4. Captain Morgan hates YOU!

    The more you know! ;)
  5. Big D Crippler Crossfaced to death

    I'm not a fan of G4, but one of the shows I will actually sit down and watch is Icons. It's not as stupid like X-Play and such.

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