Hinder: Awesome, gay or emo?

Discussion in 'Music Room Archive' started by Doodlez, Mar 30, 2007.

  1. Doodlez <font color="#00FF00">Sugar


    This is the first video they made for their new CD. I was looking at the clip and...well looking at the singer, I sorta hated the video. I don't know if he realizes how girly his way of singing is.

    The guy playing the bass right behind him has a really bad haircut too. Probably a total lack of taste.

    Anyways, my verdict for Hinder is "gay".

    I don't think they're emo and I don't think they're an awesome band.

    Post your opinion about them.
  2. Diabolikal Rapture MPAA's Nightmare

    I think they are an awesome band, definatly not emo, I know emo, and they are not.
  3. Omni <b><font size=4><font color=171717>Sola Fide

    Hinder is what is known as a post-grunge band, in that they take some of what was popularized by the grunge and alternative rock of the early 90's and use it in a poppier, more commercial form of music. Other examples of post-grunge bands include Audioslave, Nickelback, and the Foo Fighters. It's not to say they're necessarily bad, but most post-grunge bands are looked down upon my music critics due to the conceived notion that they're trying to further commercialize a form of music to sell a greater number or records.

    Also, gonna have to agree with Xero and say they're pretty gay. I personally find their music, "Get Stoned" especially, to be extremely stupid and altogether not worth listening to. Then again, tastes are subjective.
  4. Darth Arkas RC-1138

    I'm not a fan by any stretch, but a few of their songs are ok. I like "Lips of an Angel", because I think it's a good song. Whoever the hell that country guy that covered it needs to be shot, but that's another personal opinion.

    I can eeeeeeasily live without it...including lots of other bands that are popular nowadays.
  6. Captain Morgan hates YOU!

    What little i've heard of Hinder didn't impress me in the slightest. Of course, it's not my kind of music to begin with...but it reeks of just another lame cash-in band that's been killing the air-waves so much in the past decade.
  7. Doodlez <font color="#00FF00">Sugar

    I tend to love rock music. I consider Hinder as a rock band. They're not pop and they're not metal. In between is rock for me.

    Anyways, like I said, I love rock music, but their rock is so....boring. It makes lose faith in seeing new REAL rock bands eventually! Thank god for Green day and U2! Otherwise, who would rock my ears?

  8. Omni <b><font size=4><font color=171717>Sola Fide


    Yeah, rock music in general is at an all-time low in terms of the commercialism of the industry recuding the quality of the music. It's now mostly just designed to sell records. :(
  9. Doodlez <font color="#00FF00">Sugar

    True. I forgot what you said about that band. But the fact remains that there are less and less good rock bands. Sad.
  10. Omni <b><font size=4><font color=171717>Sola Fide

    Basically, if you look at Panic's Last.fm charts, you can tell what not to listen to. Everything good on there is something he got from me back when I was nice enough to talk to him.

    Quite true! Case in fact: American fuckin' Idol. God, this show's just shit!!!
  12. Doodlez <font color="#00FF00">Sugar

    Panic listens to trendy stuff. Usually the music that destroys itself more and more everyday ;)
  13. Omni <b><font size=4><font color=171717>Sola Fide

    Panic listens to that music because he sees that it's popular and thinks it must be good. He's an example of someone who follows the mainstream and goes with what people, especially the media and television networks, tell him is good.

    Oh, and Xero, you should totally get a Last.fm account.
  14. Doodlez <font color="#00FF00">Sugar

    Never heard of that place. What is it?
  15. Omni <b><font size=4><font color=171717>Sola Fide


    Lots of VGC people have it. It's those charts with the songs they used to have in their signatures. Basically, it keeps track of what you listen to, recommends you music, allows you to see what everyone likes, and lets you preview and play tracks by bands. You can also join groups and shout in other members' shoutboxes. You gotta download and install the software.
  16. Nazo Moderator

    Ofcourse you'd say gay Xero....LOL j/k j/k Anyway yeah my verdict is gay. The guy is singing this song saying, "I wish she was you." But It looks like a guys picture he keeps looking at.


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