HALO WARS (RTS) coming to Xbox 360

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    X06: Ensemble Making Halo RTS Named 'Halo Wars'
    Age of Empires makers get a grip on Bungie's universe.
    by Luke Smith, 09/27/2006

    Remember when Microsoft turned off a user-made real-time strategy mod
    that took place in Bungie's Halo universe? That mod was several years
    in the making when Microsoft and Bungie (who were well within their
    rights) decided to shut it down. In Barcelona, at its X06 media
    briefing, Microsoft announced that Ensemble Studios and Bungie are
    collaborating to make a Halo RTS -- Halo Wars -- the game will come to
    both PC and Xbox 360 platforms. Suddenly, the decision to shut down
    some kids' fan project makes a bit more sense -- Microsoft, Ensemble
    and Bungie can bring a Halo RTS of their own to gamers; they don't need
    the modmakers to do it for them.



    -- "Halo Wars" is an all-new real-time strategy game based on the
    legendary "Halo" universe and designed exclusively for Xbox 360 by
    Ensemble Studios, creators of the "Age of EmpiresĀ®" franchise.



    In other "Halo" news, Microsoft-owned Ensemble Studios (makers of the
    "Age of Empires" franchise) also revealed it has been working on a game
    set in that universe: "Halo Wars," a real-time strategy game for the
    Xbox 360.

    "For the Halo nation, it's a pretty exciting day," said Scott Henson,
    director of Microsoft's Advanced Technology Group.



    Scott Henson, director of Xbox platform strategy, told me that
    Microsoft is upping its investment in the Halo universe by developing
    three titles at once: Halo 3, the collaboration in the Halo universe
    with Peter Jackson, and the Halo Wars RTS game.

    "It's a fun day for Xbox and the Halo nation," he said.


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