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    LAST UPDATED: October 12, 2008

    The following is a set of guidelines that the staff follows when making forum decisions. It is recommended that all new members look over these so as to be aware of what is and is not permitted on the forums. Keep in mind that this list is not all-inclusive, and that all forum decisions are at the ultimate discretion of the administrative staff.

    No Spamming: Spam is defined as any pointless or ridiculous post/thread with little meaning or no pertinence to the subject matter. For example, a post containing a random string of characters or just one word. Double/Triple posting is also defined as spam, unless done for a good reason (for example, bumping an old thread with new information). We're generally fairly lenient on spam, unless a member is seen making a habit of it. This rule does not apply to The Black Hole or boards where the post count is off.

    No Scrolling: You're only allowed to hit enter 20 times (just under half a page) for any scroll effect. This rule does not apply to The Black Hole.

    Limited Pornography/Nude Images: This is not a pornographic forum. Links which lead to such material should preferably be kept to an artistic nature and be clearly labeled with a disclaimer/content warning. In an avatar or signature, any pornographic material is generally forbidden and permitted ONLY at the discretion of the administration. This rule will not be enforced as intensively in boards marked for Mature Content, and does not apply to boards clearly labeled as containing pornographic material.

    Limited Advertising: Advertising on the board itself for your own site should be kept to a minimum and confined to the Black Hole. Advertising is permitted within your signature, so long as it is kept to a reasonable level.

    Limited Flaming/No Flame Wars: General flaming/insulting is permitted at the discretion of the moderation staff. Widespread flame wars and severe personal disputes with other members should be handled off the forum or by means of Private Messaging.

    Limited Foreign Language Usage: The official language here is English. We do not have anything against the use of foreign languages, but it would be appreciated if, when responding to English comments among English-speakers, that you actually use the English language. This rule does not apply in the Black Hole, or boards specifically marked for foreign language usage.

    No Baiting: Do not create a thread for the sole purpose of enticing conflict within the member base. Specifically, creating a thread such as "Should member X be banned?" will not be tolerated. Creation of such a thread will result in a three day ban and the thread will be deleted. The same disciplinary action will be taken on those who are found baiting or flaming in the shoutbox, and the conversation will be logged for future reference and promptly deleted between both parties to ensure the other members don't view the material.

    Any personal problems with the member base should be handled through contacting one of the presently active administrators.

    No Threats: Serious threats towards the forum or to one's personal well-being is not permitted, and may result in a ban, or even a permanent ban. This may also apply to threats which are done over Email, Instant Messaging, or other means, depending on the severity.

    No Huge Signatures or Avatars: Keep your signature and avatar to a reasonable size. There are no set limits, but use common sense when deciding what to use. If a staff member asks you to change your signature, please do so or we'll do it for you.

    No Lying to Staff Members Regarding Forum Issues: If you see something going on and you lie to staff about it, for example, giving false information regarding someone you know spamming the boards, disciplinary action will be taken.

    Concerning Name Changes: A member is permitted to change his/her name once every two months. This can be done by posting in the Name change thread Additional name changes may be granted on a case by case basis.

    Concerning Disputes Between Members: Personal disputes between members should be handled off the boards. We have a private messaging system here that can be accessed through the UserCP, or you can use an independent e-mail or instant messaging service to contact the member in question. If you feel the problem is severe, please private message one of the presently active administrators and they will get back to you as soon as is possible.

    Concerning Warnings: Generally, verbal warnings are given (at the discretion of the moderators) to any member seen disobeying the rules. A verbal warning means very little, it's just there to inform you that a rule was broken, and that continued actions of a similar kind could result in a ban. Continued and blatant disregard for rules will result in an infraction, and two infractions within a ten day period receives a minimum 30 day ban.

    Concerning Bannings: Members are banned at the discretion of the administration, generally for one or more infractions of the above rules. Almost always, a member will be given at least one warning before being banned, exceptions are as follows:

    1. Obvious bots are banned instantly.
    2. Members who purposefully generate a large amount of flaming/spam within their first few days are banned instantly.
    3. Members who re-join immediately after receiving a ban are re-banned instantly.

    Past banned members can be re-instated at the discretion of the administration.

    Concerning Puppets/Extra Accounts: Puppet accounts are extra accounts created by existing members, with the purpose of either concealing their identity, or to evade a prior banning to their primary account. All known puppet accounts are usually banned instantly, and may also result in a ban or an extension of a ban for the users primary account.

    Banned members also may NOT use the accounts of other members, with permission or not. Those who are found on other accounts, regardless of why or how they are, may have length added to the punishment they've already received.

    Users who create extra accounts for legitimate reasons must immediately notify staff of who they are, and their reasoning for creating this extra account. All of these secondary accounts will be handled on a case by case basis, and may or may not be approved, depending on the circumstances involved.

    Respect Of Staff: While staff decisions can be discussed if done so maturely and calmly, you are still expected to treat the staff with respect. Any baiting or flaming of the staff will quite possibly lead to either a warning or a ban, at the staffs discretion. Repeat offenders may even be subjected to permanent bans at staffs discretion.

    This rule applies to anywhere on the site, including the Shoutbox and even Private Messages sent to staff members.

    If you have any questions/suggestions/complaints regarding the above rules, please feel free to inquire here, and myself or another staff member will get back to you as soon as possible. Any off-topic discussion in this thread will be deleted. Note that these rules may be amended at any time with no further notice.

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